Guarding the Humanity

Increasing needs and unending greed’s along with desire of every commodity and facility has risen the living standards of human beings. They want every better source of comfort or the best alternative to it. Man these days hardly care about anything be it his family sometimes or friends and not even nature, in the run to be better in this no one’s world. People usually find alternatives to the things soon which either are no longer more supportive or do demand some kind of investment be it emotional like relationship or be it monetary like any commodity. But these alternatives are not as good as the original substance and more oftenly lead human toward bad. In todays era, which includes every kind of problem, be it of pollution, global warming, climate change, stressed out people at working places, filled up roads and many more, the thing which is really harming humans, their health and especially the nature is the “Plastic“. The shift to use plastic initially was less and thus it’s harm was less, but in todays world we have involved plastic in almost everything we observe around us and thus shows our total dependency on it, which is thus not a good sign for humanity.

We all know how brutal is plastic to our nature and how badly it affects it, but we humans are hardly bothered about the fact,and rather are producing it at much larger scale. So we humans really need to concentrate on the fact that “We are totally depending on this material and it’s seems to be integral part of our life. But we need to get rid of it, is it possible”.The question which we need to work on is that “How can we survive without this material and how can we surely reduce its usage in our day today lifestyle”.

But the question which firmly arises is that “Why did we human felt the need to shift towards this material, while there were and are many other alternatives to it, or why we chose Plastic as an alternative to the other better materials”.

The prior fact which enables us to acknowledge the need to shift towards plastic could be listed as:
1. Easiest material to be used for manufacturing of any thing like toys, utensils, slippers and many more, thus reflecting our dependency on plastic.
2. Plastic is less costly as compared to the other materials, thus much more economical to use.
3. Life of plastic is more and products made of it last longer , since these have less risk of getting rust as those of metals and are more stronger than things made of sand and clay as well.
4. It is much easier to carry and hold things made out of plastic.
5. The remoulding property of plastic is useful and thus can be used to make things of any shape.
All this shows that how we have utilized plastic to the fullest and in producing and manufacturing many components. So the common areas where we see usage of plastic are:
1. Be it water bottles, slippers, doors, windows, television,and many more.
2. Most oftenly used in the material of making things used for storing food, caring it, storing water and many more.

But the fact and the need to shift from plastic and any product made of it is the main thing to understand. We completely rely on this material which someway or other is harming our health and our nature also if we are able to visualize the bigger picture. So what we really need to work on is the effective ways and steps to reduce the usage of plastic and moving on to much safer mode of material to be used in our day to day life. So this could include:
1. Usage of materials like copper, steel or silver as an early alternatives to plastic could be a better options, since steel and aluminum utensils are much safer and also have some materials which are beneficial to our body.
2. The thought of completely prohibiting plastic in today’s era is a bit difficult at initial stages but small small steps and increasing awareness about it could really help us to reach the goal one day.
3. Research work should be focused on bring on best alternatives which could be used in our day to day life and are friendly to both humans and nature.

The list goes on to infinite steps which could be initialized at the moment so as to reduce the usage of plastic and stop it’s production.

The time has come and we humans can’t really procrastinate things on future, and really need to work for our nature and stop usage if things especially like plastic which is an essential source for the destruction of this planet. We need to come together and work together in the goal to make our earth a better place to live with “lesser problems and much abundant Happiness”.

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