Yoga:A new way of life

International Yoga Day(21 June) is just around the corner, the celebration of this day is a reminder for us all to take a step back from the rush of life and be mindful about our body & mind, align our mind, body and soul in the right way.

Yoga is truly the best way to live a happy and healthy life and should be adopted as a part of our daily routines, especially in this unpredictable life where we are constantly part of a rat race where our bodies and minds are also continuously going through the grind along with the challenges we face in our monotonous life. There are around 84(approximately) different yoga poses (asanas) which can work for most of the ailments experienced by our body and mind in our daily lives.

Stress and tension has become the cause to many unwanted diseases which disrupt the flow of our life, at every other nook you hear a story of a person passing through depression and trying to overcome the obstacles faced by him/her. Depression and Anxiety have become lifestyle diseases, we are so focused and committed to our goals which we want to achieve in our life that we forget that our body is like a machine and it also needs to be revived, charged and oiled similarly our brain is also constantly working and giving its best to keep us moving ahead.

When it comes to mental health and keeping the stress at bay yoga has always been recommended by psychologists, the combination of yoga along with therapy has allowed many people to overcome anxiety disorders and depression. Be it anger, depression, tension or stress yoga is the way to free one’s self from the disturbing jerks of life.

The graph below is an indicator of the promising and healing properties which integrated yoga has to offer to its practitioners and the fact that it has made a life changing difference for people with anxiety.

(international journal of yoga)

Yoga has helped people of all ages, be it children or the aged, it has helped people cope with stress and has freed many pregnant women from numerous pregnancy problems or side effects, it’s a great healer for people with lifestyle & health disorders or even mental illnesses.

Many celebrities and fitness freaks completely depend on yoga for weight loss, with super yoga exercises like “suryanamaskar” one has been able to shed kilograms and have been able to transform their bodies into a healthy and fit figure without the use of medication and other laxatives, weight loss pills and protein powders

Yoga has been originated in India and was invented and came into use around five thousand years ago today it has spread worldwide and people have blind faith in it as a healer and a way of living a calm and composed life. Yoga has allowed one to gain control of their thoughts, with yoga people have been able to guide their mind in the right direction in times of despair .It was Patanjali who was the one to propound yoga and is still known today as the father of yoga, he is the man behind the yoga sutras which have been written in ancient texts, today the world follows his teachings with immense faith.

The renowned philanthropist Sadhguru is the biggest inspiration and is known for his knowledgeable teachings and his wise words and his engaging sayings. He has become the face representing India and has expressed the notion of yoga as a healer to the world. His inspirational quotes enrich the mind with thoughtfulness. He is greatly looked up by all for his advice in many matters and his videos on his teachings have become a viral phenomenon all over social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

The international yoga day is a reminder for us all by the UN to take a step back from our lives and adopt yoga in our daily routines to fuel our mind, body and soul and enlighten us all with a lot more.

(by YogaAnatomy)

A survey was conducted on a group of people who had been practicing yoga and these are the benefits they experienced after practicing yoga for a long term. One can definitely see the drastic body changes one experiences, yoga has resulted into great stress level management as well. Regular practice of yoga not only calms the mind but it also helps one regain control over their body and mind which is a great benefit.

Sadhguru quotes “The whole process of yoga is to take you from something that you know and take the next step into the unknown”. Yoga is not only a healer and one of the ways to calm your mind and relieve one’s self from the burden of the world but it is a way to align your mind, body and soul.

Abdhi Upadhyay