Do You Know, Why We Write Blogs?

First of all, what is the blog, everyone knows the blog, but here is the question of what is the technical turn and where is the origin of the blog? well, I tell you, the blog started out as a mix of what was happening in a person’s life and what was happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/news site, and a person who has knowledge of how to post any news or new thing they begin their life with small blogs and they continue to word the success. furthermore, look about the origin of  The word “blog” is a shortened version of weblogs or weblogs. Besides being shorter and catchier, “blog” seems less likely to cause confusion, as “weblog” can also mean a server’s log files. in the past, not many people aware of the posting blogs, and there were not many facilities provided on the internet to post a blog, but in the last 10 or 15 years the trend of posting blogs is growing like a rocket.

people post many kinds of blogs like technology, photography, lifestyle, cooking, daily knowledge, general knowledge, news regarding pollution and Government, and many more. by sharing the post, people can share their experience and they can also pass their time if they do not have work to do. Nowadays, many companies and organizations like and other NGOs higher the writer and give access to write something and post on their website or share on their social media and get the popularity, many organization also provide the education on these and how to bring more people on the site by getting this education on can easily understand the process of SEO (search engine optimization). there are some websites and domains, which provide free workspaces to write or promote social media handles.

However, many online e-commerce sites also on the trading and they start there platform by sharing the information on the blogs and through they share the product on their blog like clothes, accessories, computer parts, cooking books, and more. there are some famous bloggers Amit Agarwal, who is a Google Developer Expert, Amit Bhawani, who is also a famous tech blogger and he also has own youtube channels, so he starts to build his future by posting technology-related blogs, and in last, Srinivas Tamada he also famous Indian blogger post blog regarding the SQL databases and new database software for those people who wont to know about the databases of companies.

Here some advantages of having and writing blogs:


  1. Instant Marketing and Publicity: Now as people read, they learn about your work, your life, and/or your interest. You are on-air as long as your website is up. For about 10 to 30 minutes a day depending on how much effort you place, you are to impart something different to your readers, it might be knowledge or entertainment but as long as they get something, they finish your article with you leaving a mark in them at that moment. And that’s what’s important, ’cause when you do, you just got yourself a tribe.
  2. Increase in Search Ranking: Compared to a static portfolio, a blog counterpart is much friendlier to search engines because of the fresh content it offers once in a while. The friendlier you are, the better chances of you being searched for. And in case you haven’t thought about it, your blog can also include your portfolio which can be easily update-able rather than tinkering with your.html code just to insert another work.
  3. You gain additional income: Some of the successful people in the blogging industry choose to have additional income by placing some ads beside their website.  In some cases, their website becomes a marketing tool for other companies because of market specifics they cover. Other companies don’t like to make blogs for the heck of it, so in turn, they use other bloggers to market their services or product, and guess what? They pay for it!, For other online ad-companies, a mere browse through is enough to add to your piggybank, for others, you need clicks and to some, you need sales. But whichever the case is, you are earning passively for writing about things you love.