Top Athletes Who Tested Positive For Covid-19.

The global pandemic has changed the living aspects of everyone across the globe. The sporting world has unfortunately come on hold due to the covid-19 outbreak except some of the football leagues which have been given the green light to play behind closed doors and many other restrictions. The pandemic has had major impact not only on the sporting world but on all types of channels such as food, industries, education etc. The virus outbreak had spread so fast across the globe and had contained different athletes from all over the globe. Some of the famous athletes are mentioned below.

1- Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala is a famous football player from Argentina playing professional football in the Italian league for Juventus football club. Paulo Dybala and his girlfriend were diagnosed with the covid-19 in the month of march. The football star informed the news of them being contained with the virus on twitter in the early march. However later on Dybala had tested negative for the covid-19 twice. The player had successfully recovered from the virus and was free to play and leave isolation. After the results Dybala tweeted “Many people talked in the past weeks… but i can finally confirm that i am healed.Thank you once again for your support and my thoughts on who are still suffering from it. Take care! He tweeted.

2- Shahid Afridi

The former Pakistan cricket team captain Shahid Afridi had tested positive for covid-19 as star himself revealed about it on twitter the last week. The player had addressed that the first few days were really tough but now he is improving and there is no need to worry and panic. The former Pakistan all rounder added that he was not able to spend time with his children as he had contained the virus and misses them but it is important to take precautionary measure until the start is fit and fine he added. Afridi also addressed the nation that he knew he would be at a higher risk of catching the virus as he was traveling a lot for charity work. On the contrary it is reported that 7 more Pakistani cricket players had tested positive for covid-19.

3- Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is world’s number 1 tennis player who was supposed to play in a final on sunday had reported that he and his wife had tested positive for the virus while the children had tested negative. This all took place during an exhibition event which took place in Croatia. The Adria tour had taken place in Zadar last weekend and created a lot of controversy regarding the social distancing and certain other precautionary protocols. The tennis star apologized about the tournament and said that it was too soon and also added that the organizers world share health resources among the people who have attended the event. The star added that he and his wife would stay in complete 14 days isolation and also perform the test again in a span of 5 days.

4- Paolo Maldini

The Italian football legend Maldini and his son Daniel had tested positive for covid-19 in the month of march. During the time Italy was under severe lock down and the death tally was at its peak. But soon enough it was reported that both the father and son had recovered successfully by isolating themselves at home for 2 weeks and not being in contact with anyone.

5- Kevin Durant

The Brooklyn nets star Kevin Durant had tested positive for the covid-19 late in may and wasn’t really overthinking about it as he said “I’m alive and that’s it and that’s all i can tell you that i’m good and he also added that he had a lot of support if he wanted to talk to someone. The star was not much concerned about the virus but the Achilles Tear that kept him out for a long time.