Quality of Work Life

Quality of work life is very important for employee because employee work in which era and society . If the employees work more times in the office and after that they not have enough time to spend with their family , have not good relationships with their colleagues and employers it’s affect the employee’s quality of work life. It’s affects the working in the office and it’s upset mentally to employee.

Some knowledge workers work for more than 60 hours a week. As a result of this, their personal hobbies and interests clash with their work. Life is a bundle that contains all the strands together and hence the need to balance work life with other related issues.’ One must have both love and work in one’s life to make it healthy. Gone are the days when the priority of employees used to be for physical and material needs. With the increasing shift of the economy towards knowledge economy, the meaning and quality of work life has undergone a drastic change.


Quality of work life refers to the favourable favourableness or unfavourable unfavourableness of a job environment for the people working in an organisation. The period of scientific management which focused solely on specialization and efficiency , has undergone a revolutionary change.

The traditional management inadequate ttention to human values. In the present senario , needs and aspirations of the employees are changing . Employers are now redesigning job for better quality of work life .

# The QWL as strategy of Human Resource Management has assumed increasing interest and importance. Many other terms have come to be used interchangeably with QWL such as ‘humanisations of work’ ‘quality of working life, ‘industrial democracy’ and ‘participative work’.

# “Quality of work life is based on a general approach and an organisation approach. The general approach includes all those factors affecting the physical, social economic, psychological and cultural well-being of workers, the organisational approach refers to the redesign and operation of organisations in accordance with the value of democratic society.”

“The overriding purpose of QWL is to change the climate at work so that the human-technological-organisational interface leads to a better quality of work life.”

Quality is work life involves three major parts :

Occupational health care : Safe work environment provides the basis for people to enjoy his work. The work should not pose health hazards for the employees.

Suitable work time: Companies should observe the number of working hours and the standard limits on overtime, time of vacation and taking free days before national holidays.

Appropriate salary: The employee and the employer agree upon appropriate salary. The Government establishes the rate of minimum salary ; the employer should not pay less than that to the employee. Work represent a role which a person has designated to himself. On the other hand, work earns one’s living for the family , on the other hand it is a self realization that provides employment and satisfaction.

work life quality- defined as the balance between an employee’s work demands and outside interests or pressures – is a long – standing but ever- evolving area of corporate social responsibility . Some organisations view QWL as important, but do not formally link it to their strategic or business plans.

Some people by nature are not committed to anything and anyone and as such they would not be committed to their employers also. Commitment is an attitude and those who lack it will not be committed to their jobs.

Importance of quality of work life

▪︎Enhance stakeholder relations and credibility

▪︎Increase Productivity

▪︎Attractions and retention

▪︎Reduces absenteeism

▪︎Improve the quality of working lives

▪︎Beneting families and communities

▪︎Job involvement

▪︎Job satisfaction

▪︎Company reputation

Significance of good quality of work life:

# Decrease absenteeism and increase turnover

# Less number of accidents

# Improved labour relations

# Employee personification

# Positive employee attitudes toward thei work and the company.

# Increase productivity and intrinsic motivation

# Employee gain a high sense of control over their work

Problems in improving the quality of work life:

These problems may occur because of:

poor reward and recognition: People will not do their best when they feel that employers’ commitment in terms of reward and recognition is lacking. Commitment is a mutual phenomenon. When employers want to get the best from employees but do not give them reward and recognition, people will not be committed to work.

Dead-end jobs: Work which does not offer opportunities for growth and promotion is one of the greatest reasons for employees’ de-motivation and non-commitment. Jobs which deprive employees of self-development and growth opportunities lead to high dissatisfaction and disloyalty.

Managing by intimidation : Mistreating people and managing them by threats and embarrassment leads to employees’ dissatisfaction and weakens their commitment. In a best seller book” The Loyalty Link” Dennis G. Mc Carthty has identified managing by intimidation as one of the seven ways which undermine employees’ loyalty.

Negative working environment: Non-acceptance by colleagues, non-cooperation, too much politics, and negative behaviour by colleagues, supervisors and other people in the company also hamper commitment. At the end of the day people want peace of mind, which if not available in the work environment will discourage them to show total support to the company.

No job security: One of the major needs of employees is job security. If the employee feels that he can lose his job anytime, he would not be committed towards company’s goals.

Negative attitude: Some people by nature are not committed to anything and anyone and as such they would not be committed to their employers also. Commitment is an attitude and those who lack it will not be committed to their jobs.

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