Competency Mapping

Competency is your ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Therefore, competency mapping is simply a process of matching your competence with the job role and/or organization. Furthermore, it is also about matching people to the job role and hence used even in selection.

Every individual and employee is unique and it’s also true with modern organizations. It is very important for organizational success that we identify key skills required by its people to succeed in the ever-changing market environment. Competency mapping is one such technique that makes use of a more systematic and organized approach to define key behaviors that will lead to organizational or project success

To be honest, it’s not easy to scientifically and objectively define behaviors, that’s where competency mapping proves to be such a powerful tool in the hands of the human resource and key stakeholders within the organization. We will cover the applications of competency mapping, the process to doing competency mapping and developing a competency framework, and how to interpret competency profiles.

What is the meaning of Competency Mapping?

At the forefront, the modern HR professionals have a job that every employee performs to the best of their abilities by identifying a role that is best suited for them. This matching of jobs and people to facilitate excellence in performance can be achieved .

Furthermore, it is very important that each competency is defined properly with the use of the competency definition that makes it very clear what these competencies mean. Also, what all behaviors the employee needs to demonstrate (called Behavioral Indicators or BI) that would allow us to ascertain that the concerned employee possesses these skills in varying degrees (called Proficiency Levels or PI).

This essentially standardizes the process so that anyone looking at the competency framework developed through the competency mapping exercise can interpret it easily.

This standardization is extremely important as the competency mapping is at the heart of the human resource development of an organization this post, we will be covering all the aspects of competency mapping with the actual competency mapping method and you will no the entire process till developing framework and its application.

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