Memories can never be replaced. Book review: “Million Memories”

The book Million Memories written by Pallavi Kodan is a narrative of 3 best friends which makes the
reader dwell into memories and relate it on every aspect. It is a story of three friends and their journey
of life. Aashima, Karishma and Siddhant, from classes to tuitions, they grew up together. Higher
education made them drift apart and they left with promises to stay in touch. Karishma who was the
misfit among the valued Siddhant and Aashima, had a great deal of ups and downs, fallings and
heartbreaks, she ignored her old friends for the new found fun but returned back to them, every time
with the guilt that proved her wrong. Being madly in love with her, Siddhant always found her in her
heart while the all forgiving Aashima was always more than a friend who cared. Siddharth finds the
way to make a profession out of his passion but somewhere there are distractions that don’t let him
live. Ashima falls in love but is confused about the right time. Time takes it’s leaps and Karishma’s
series of misfortunate adventures don’t seem to end.
The story is full of roller coaster ride and will make the reader fill up with multiple emotions at
various stages. This book is the wonderful combination of various emotions and experiences.

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