World Nature Conservation Day

‘The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for’Ernest Hemingway

Indeed it is. Today, 28th July, 2020 marks the World Nature Conservation Day, a day when we pledge to provide ultimate protection to our Mother Earth and its bountiful resource. This day is celebrated to create an awareness that it not always justifiable to always use the natural resources but it is also essential to give back to the nature. Our resources – air, water and trees, is continuously depleting due to man-made activities and this day essentially reminds us that we should adopt sustainable practices to prevent dwindling of these natural, yet depleting resources.

July 28th was initially introduced as a day to educate people about the best practices to protect the natural resources on the earth and also to create an awareness that Earth only has a limited resources to cater to the upcoming human generations.

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To embark upon the World Nature Conservation Day, as inhabitants of this earth, we can adopt some very simple measures at individual and at group level. Some of these measures are:

  • Reduce plastic use. Be it buying groceries or food delivery or throwing away our sanitary pads, we should be concerned with plastic use and substituting by either paper or cloth bag. Used plastic thrown out as garbage usually ends up in water bodies and landfills, causing death of marine life, organisms and land animals mostly due to choking. It is not biodegradable and natural process takes years for the plastic to degrade.
  • Reduce electricity consumption. Dams built across the rivers might generate thousands of watts of electricity which is a renewable source of energy but it is harmful for the marine life. Records show that it disrupts the water ecosystem which will ultimately affect the human life, at least in the long run. So care has to be taken to minimize or stop the use of electrical appliances, unless there is an emergency.
  • Tactical management of waste. Ensure to desegregate the daily wastes into degradable and non-degradable before dumping it into the ground. Human beings should religiously follow reduce, reuse and recycle mantra for waste management.
  • Reduce water consumption. In some countries, we receive water as if it is our birth right but other countries sweat to just receive a mug of it. We should ensure justified consumption of water so as to allow equitable distribution across all geographic nations.
  • Plant trees but save paper. Our world is getting depleted of trees day by day. A suggestion here is that each individual should take the onus to plant one sapling once a year, anywhere on this earth. Isn’t is satisfying to nurture it from time to time and to see it grow every day? But just growing trees is not a feasible solution if we do not take a chance to protect it. One way is to switch over to digital mode for reading like e-newspaper and e-books rather than going out and buying books and newspaper. Consequently, while shopping for groceries, switch to cloth bag which can be used multiple times, rather than single use of paper or plastic bags.

These are the few ways by which we can protect our Earth and the limited resources that it possess. And just by pledging to protect will not work unless we modify our shopping, eating and especially our consumer habits.