HAPPINESS- how dependant it is on external factors:

Happiness, that’s a choice. A choice, and it comes from within, not from outside. 

It is absolutely true that happiness is not dependent on external factors. In the opposite, our happiness rests solely in ourselves, on our inner influences. 

Money cannot buy you happiness.

external factors which are big house, car, lucrative career, immense wealth, property, expensive electronic items, lavish furniture and last but not least excess financial status may make your day, and make you smile, but if you are not happy, or are sad in the first place, they will not make you happy!

Happiness is celebrating the small essence of life. 

Happiness is more about life and being happy for all the blessings we have. The greatest aspect is that we are satisfied for small stuff that we do, people do, or what we have. Real joy is throwing it away.

A little smile, a little charity, a donation of food, essential items for the needy, and sometimes even in this difficult time giving financial assistance to the poor, is enough to make one happy.

When this contagious disease spreads, people lose their lives, it points out that being alive is happiness itself. Life can not be bought. Being able to live, thank God for all that He gives us, praying, meditating are all our true sources of joy.Being inside, practicing meditation and relaxation exercises, planting, watering seeds, reading a novel, blogging, watching Ramayana and Marabharat with your children, all of these really give you the feeling of doing something imaginative and inventive. The very essence of knowing that you can change something or do something for society is happiness.

If we look around us, when we are all in our houses, we enjoy a lot of stuff. Being around loved ones, not heading away, listening to music, snorting animals, calm waters of rivers, a nice feeling, a glimpse of the range, no noisy sound of horns or cars, is a gift in disguise.We are now giving space to our relationships, enjoying, believing in the power of social distancing, maintaining hand hygiene, controlling the infections of the entire environment and of ourselves. 

We did a lot of new things a few days back in our country due to PM. All of this has instilled in us all a feeling of cohesion and solidarity.If it’s ringing bells, clapping or even lighting diyas, candles or utilizing smartphone flashlights, it’s all too simple but at the same time too pleasant. All age groups could be seen doing these little activities at the prescribed date and time. It is a joyful task for some people to sleep peacefully or play with pets.

If wealth is lost ,nothing is lost

If health is lost, something is lost

If character is lost then everything is lost

Happiness can never be tied to outside factors. In our minds and souls, joy is everything. If we want to be positive, then we are satisfied and if we choose to feel unhappy over past things no one will support. In fact, our inner thoughts, our own motivation, decisions , actions and good deeds for our society, family, country, and other people make us happy.As long as we behave as humans with empathy, compassion towards others, understanding, change, no aspirations, and above all having inner confidence that all is good and will be better in the future, we are bound to be genuinely content, productive and ultimately safe.

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