Much preferable source of entertainment – Movies or Webseries

The whole world is fighting with the pandemic called COVID-19. The pandemic has led many noticable changes in the lives of people. Even the working of people has now changed. Almost everything is taking place digitally nowadays. People are using internet to spend their leisure time and the best way they found to this by watching movies and webseries. But the question arises, what people prefer most among them and why?

To answer the question, let us first understand what are movies/webseries. A movie is a visual form of art/motion picture and is shown in movie theatres while a web series is basically a series/show which airs on internet/web for viewership.

The first series distributed via web was Rox with an episode titled “Global Village idiots”. This was released in 1995.

But few years back, the technique got popularity and many people even in India started to watch webseries. Why did this happened? The most basic reason for this was the low price of internet services. Almost everyone had the access to internet from past 2-3 years making webseries easily accessible to the audience and also gave rise to the OTT platforms which is another big reason for its popularity. Because of the tremendous response from the audience given to the web content, a lot of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, AltBalaji, ErosNow, Zee5 came into existence.

Now let’s talk about the content of movies and webseries. One can’t disagree the fact that the contents of webseries are way much better than that of movies. Lack of quality content and good stories on TV and movies, and growth of social media in recent times provided an opportunity for web content. The variations in the stories of webseries are much more than movies.

Also, the dialogues of webseries are much relatable to the audience as there is no censorship. Many webseries have slangs in their dialogues but that’s what makes it original.

Just having a good content won’t do wonders for a show, even the role assigned to the actors should be done with conviction. Thus giving chance to so many unknown faces, who might not even have got a chance to make a mark in cinemas is what done by webseries. The combination of well settled actors and new faces makes it much better than movies.

Moreover, most web-series prefer to release all their episodes(or atleast a bulk) together which can be watched on a weekend or maybe while traveling at one stretch.

The OTT platforms where these webseries are available are also cheap as compared to movies. Some of them are also free. For example: YouTube, TVF, Airtel Xtreme (free with airtel recharge)

All these things makes the webseries way much better than movies and because of rise of OTT platforms, even movies are also also getting released on these platforms.

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