Amidst this pandemic, everyone whether a fresher or an experienced employee all are suffering. We all are thinking of working from home. So, here I am trying to encompass a topic which is very well known maybe but very less discussed surely freelancing. Now, who are freelancers?

They are the ones that are not committed to one kind of job, instead they can do any job according to the skills they have mastered and are paid accordingly. they are not considered employees by the company rather contractors. This is a field anyone can try hands-on whether he is a student-teacher or learner. Now how they work and what about their monthly income?

According to a survey by PayPal, most freelancers in India are getting 23 lakhs per annum as an average salary. According to Narsi Subramanian, Director – Growth, PayPal India, “We are focused on cross-border trade and we will continue to because that is where a significant opportunity lies for us. But, as far as our growth plan is concerned, the freelancer segment is something that we will focus on”.

Most of the international work comes from the countries UK, Australia, and the US. The report said, “Of the wide range of aspects, freelancers feel that they need external support in aspects such as setting up their website, finding and retaining clients, fee and negotiation advice, protection and insurance”. As an Indian freelancer to get a secured and stable life an average of 15 projects and 13 retailer clients is a threshold.

Now how to start working as a freelancer because this job is not as easy as it sounds and sometimes it’s even scary. But a smooth start can help you a lot.

Decide your skill: Discover your secondary skills do not limit yourself but that doesn’t mean you have to learn everything so make a reasonable list of skills and start working on it. (I had written articles for that too you can check them out. Hopefully, they will surely help.)

Make a portfolio: It could be as easy as making a Facebook page. It could be anything like a blog or a Behance profile, simply make sure your skill is showcased in the best possible way.

Choose what you want from free-lancing: First of all, decide what you want as free-lancer money or experience. Be clear for somethings before starting :

  • How much time you can invest in this field?
  • Mode of contact with the clients
  • types of clients you want to deal with
  • the number of clients, you want to deal with at a single time.

Start pitching: Now when you are clear from your side, start pitching the clients and it’s just a suggestion pitch clients from many ids but do not spam. You can simply forge on google how to pitch clients and all the stuff you can easily find out but do not go with nonsense.

Pre-work communication: It is always recommended to send your clients your terms when they try to hire you and try to be professional in this send them your payment needs, copyright terms, and other related stuff. I highly recommend to not compromise with payment because this sends a wrong impression on the clients. This is a complete myth that free-lancing is free from the boss, your client is your boss so choose them wisely.

Be confident and serious: To be very clear free-lancing is sole entrepreneurship so if you want to establish your business be serious and professional towards your work. Be ready to face criticism and failures. Persist until your industry starts trusting your work blindly.

Hope you guys found this helpful. Happy reading!

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