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Since our childhood, we all used to come across phrases like books speak but have you ever believed this? Have you ever thought of books speaking to you or narrating its story to you and what you all have to do is to listen… Listen to what it’s saying, feeling how it feels to live the life of the character you may relate, having a tour to a completely different world, a parallel universe where you can be whatever you want to be.

Remember when you used to be cute kiddo and your grandmother used to narrate a story to you every night to make you fall asleep and you at times tried to be a smart one and always ask for one more story, actually one last story for the night which never happened to be the last one. Alas! now being an adult you don’t have such privileges most of the times and we just fall asleep due to a hectic not so happy day tho sometimes perhaps but at some points, you miss those stories and you crave a fiction that makes you fall for the character. You are a grown-up and it’s certainly possible that your fictional story might not fascinate you anymore.

But one thing for sure and everyone might suggest you are going through a book is always helpful and I can ensure you this therapy certainly work. Now let me come to the title of this article audiobook…. So what is an audiobook? It is just a recording of a book that will be read out by someone for you.

Now a very obvious question that might be there in your mind is reading not preferred over listening to an audiobook. So, friends, reading is obviously good but sometimes you can’t provide yourself with a book and being very specific here I prefer reading a book through its hard copy rather than any other medium but there is certainly be an option there when you can’t read a book because of any reason. Just give it a thought you can finish your favorite book while traveling through public transport, cleaning the house, or doing any unavoidable stuff especially just for finishing a book.

“We found no significant differences in comprehension between readinglistening, or reading and listening simultaneously,”

Rogowsky says.

The above-inscribed quotation is more than enough to be a good enough justification for all such questions. according to experts, there are multitudinous virtues of audiobooks like

  • Accessibility / Time Saving
  • Consumption of Knowledge
  • Mental Fitness / Building Concentration
  • Increasing reading accuracy by 52%
  • Increasing reading speed, expanding vocabulary, and improving fluency.
  • Teaching pronunciation.
  • Improving comprehension by 76%;

So as you discern what audiobooks are and the virtues of listening to them. I hope you would certainly try one.

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