A path to self-discovery

How often do you sit with yourself in isolation? Or how often do you practice meditation and try to find answers to your inner conflicts? Many of you might not find the time or have patience to sit and watch your own thoughts, right? Well, meditation is much like observing a movie but to take a seat and watch your own thoughts for 2 hours is especially difficult unlike watching an enticing two-hour movies easily, because it’s like watching your own reality dealing with your own thoughts.
Sitting quiet for 15-20 minutes or even an hour is pretty challenging as you cannot completely detach yourself from the thoughts occurring in your mind. It is thus exhausting to many. But, if you can calm your mind, stay focused and confront your thoughts and challenges, your growth in life is certain.
Similarly, if you want to understand life and find your true self, it is important to understand that your life is not defined by what’s happening around you or the circumstances you are put through but it is actually defined by the way you look at things and the way you deal with your inner self at the times of crisis.
Seating in solitude and spending time with oneself is essential at times to understand and analyze yourself better. It helps you to become your own best guide by observing and analyzing the mistakes you have done so far in your life, the lessons learned from it and how you should make peace with yourself. After all, the entire experience of your existence is within you and nowhere else. Inner peace is thus very essential for one’s mental well-being.
However, the problem with today’s modern life is that we don’t give ourselves the much-needed time to stop and reflect upon the life we have lived so far, as we are too busy making an attempt to create a life or too busy trying to become someone we are not. This is where sitting in silence or meditating for few minutes can help us dig deeper into our inner self and ultimately help us discover our true self and also help in finding the true purpose of life.

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