Tips to boost your mood when you feel low

Feeling low? We’ve all been there! There are times in our life when everything seems so difficult to achieve. We feel lost and blue when life donot go the way we want to. Life is full of hardships. Everybody is fighting their own battle. Feeling low is quiet normal for anybody. There will be people who criticise you and would try their very best to break you and bring you down. It is probably during such points in life when you start degrading yourself and start treating yourself as a loser just because some people are labelling you so. Many people fall for it. They take people’s judgements personally instead of ignoring it and this is where you slowly start losing your self esteem and confidence in yourself. You get so affected by the negativities around you that you tend to forget about your accomplishments in life against all odds.
Follow the following tips to feel better about yourself whenever you feel low.
1) Stay away from negative people- Don’t let anybody influence your mood no matter what. Next time if anybody tries to pull you down and make you feel like a loser, simply ignore them, be it any person- your friend, cousin or a relative. A true friend would never try to bring you down. Don’t surround yourself with people who don’t have any good intention for you. Choose your friends wisely.
2) talk it out- call someone who genuinely cares for you. Talk to your parents or your beat friend. Tell them what’s bothering you. Venting out your emotions really helps at times. Speak to the ones who won’t judge you and who loves you for who you are as a person.
3) pen down your accomplishments- write down about everything if you have accomplished so far. Write down even the smallest of things like cooking for the first time, learning a new skill, winning a prize for any competition and so on. This would boost your spirit and make you feel worthy. You will gain back your self-confidence which you might have lost to people’s opinions.
4) Be thankful- be thankful to God and the Universe for what you have achieved so far. Stand before the mirror and appreciate what you see. Be thankful to the nature for your existence and for how you look and how you are as a person.
5) self- care- self care is very important in today’s busy life. We are so busy in our work life and in the rat race to success that we often tend to ignore our health and mental well being. Practise yoga and meditation early in the morning. This would help you in reducing stress and would lift your mood, filling your mind with positivity for the day.
6) Seek professional help- if you constantly feel low from a long period and nothing helps in boosting your mood then you should seek professional help. Prolonged feeling of lowness may lead to anxiety and depression, therefore seeking help of a professional is advisable.

The key to happiness lies in your own self. Don’t let anybody steal your happiness. You deserve to be happy. Don’t let anybody kill your happiness.You

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