Vacations Over!

The European countries have finally decided to reopen the schools after months of shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Realizing the limitations of online learning, several countries are now finding ways to restart the classroom studies. The governments have brought forward various rules and regulations to minimize contagion in schools and protect the students from the virus attack. Let’s have a look on the different approaches that the countries are taking to reopen the schools in this “new normal”!

In Britain, the schools started opening in June and finally all years are back full time this week. The classes have been split into small groups or “bubbles”, with each group keeping a safe distance from the others to prevent any widespread infection. The recess periods are changed and the start times staggered, to prevent crowding. The face masks rules depend upon the lockdown situation in the area.

In France, the schools have opened from today September 1st. The masks are compulsory at all times, regular disinfection of classrooms and proper ventilation shall be ensured. The school attendance is mandatory though schools can temporarily shutdown according to the outbreak in the neighborhood.

In Germany, the schools started in early August with compulsory mask wearing for students except while sitting at their desks. The classes should keep to different places during the interval time. The doors and windows are kept to open at all times.

In Italy, the schools are set to get back on track from 14th September with new single desks being introduced to ensure a social distancing norms. Mask wearing is mandatory while entering and leaving the school, though can be removed during the lessons. Some secondary schools with larger class sizes say they will use a mix of distance learning and on-site teaching to prevent overcrowding

In Norway, the schools have reopened with normal routine and even the masks are not compulsory for the pupils. The break times are staggered and different classes have been assigned specific area of the playground. The students having symptoms of Covid-19 are required to stay at home and get tested.

The case of India is significantly different, with daily record-breaking high cases of Covid-19. The schools are shut and no reopening can be possible in the near future. For how long the students will have to stick to their screens for daily lectures is the million dollar question!

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