Benefits of drinking lemon honey water

Sipping on a warm cup of honey lemon water is both soothing and delicious. It has additionally been promoted as an elixir in the fitness and health world. There are claims that this drink can help melt fat, clear up acne and “flush out” toxins from the body.
Some of the benefits of this drink are-
1) Detoxifies body- 
The mixture of honey and lemon shield our bodies from micro organism and toxins. The antibacterial qualities of honey and the detoxifying presence of citric acid helps our bodies to do away with all the risky toxins. It helps in maintaining the overall digestive health of a person.
2) Aides in dropping weight- this drink helps you lose weight without much  difficulty over a month or two. However, for it to work efficaciously you will have to take the drink early in the morning, right after you wake up. This drink boosts one’s metabolism and fastens the process of dropping weight.
3) Reduces zits problem- Having this drink in the morning, has special advantages too, as it helps in tackling one’s acne and other skin issues. It helps in glowing up your skin as it gets rid of the pores and lifeless skin cells from your face.
4) Boosts immunity- The anti-bacterial property of the drink and the presence of vitamin C helps in strengthening one’s immunity. It, as a result helps in keeping a number of illnesses and ailments at bay.
5) Acts as diuretic- 
Doctors often prescribe diuretics to heal hypertension caused by extra quantities of fluids in body. However honey and lemon can act as a natural restoration treatment to eliminate the greater fluids through extra production of urine. This influence also goes hand in hand with detoxifying as our physique can lose undesirable toxins.This ultimately helps in normalizing the blood pressure and safeguarding our heart.
Regular consumption of honey lemon water would do wonder to your body. So if you desire to stay healthy and fit at the lowest of the expenses, than begin drinking this elixir everyday for atleast a month and see the effective changes occurring to your body.