Bhagawad Gita: The origin and abstract of all teachings

On the auspicious day of Teachers day- 5th September. Let’s take a moment to remember all the ancient learning we have learned or came across till now. Today is also the birthday of former President DrSarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He is also quoted as very famous teacher and hence today is also celebrated as Teachers day. Here we are taking a look at some of great teachings that were given to lord Krishna to great Arjuna.

Arjun were in dire confusion about the existence, death and soul. What is the ultimate goal, and many such questions and then Krishna showered him with the ultimate and most precious knowledge by teaching him

Arjun asked – “Those devotees who, ever steadfast, worship You after this fashion, and those others who worship the Imperishable and Unmanifest – which of these have greater knowledge of yoga?”

The Lord said: “Those who have fixed their minds on Me, and who, ever faith, worship Me – them do I hold to be perfect in yoga.”

“And those who have completely controlled their senses and are of even mind under all conditions and thus worship the Imperishable, the Ineffable, the Incomprehensible, the Immutable, the Unchanging, the Eternal – they devoted to the welfare of all beings, attain Me alone, and none else.

The task of those whose minds are set on the Unmanifest is more difficult; for the ideal of the Unmanifest is hard to attain for those who are embodied.”

“But those who consecrate all their actions to Me, regarding Me as the Supreme Goal, and who worship Me, meditating on Me with single-minded concentration – to them, whose minds are thus absorbed in Me, verily I become ere long, O Partha, the Saviour from the death-fraught ocean of the world.”

“Fix your mind on Me alone, rest your thoughts on Me alone, and in Me alone you will live hereafter. Of this there is no doubt.”

 “If you are unable to do even this, then be self-controlled, surrender the fruit of all action, and take refuge in Me.”

“Knowledge is better than practice, and meditation is better than knowledge. Renunciation of the fruit of action is better than meditation; peace immediately follows such renunciation.”

“If you are unable to fix your mind steadily on Me, O Dhananjaya, then seek to reach me by the yoga of constant practice.”

“If you are incapable of constant practice, then devote yourself to My service. For even by rendering service to Me you will attain perfection.”

“He by whom the world is not afflicted and whom the world cannot afflict, he who is free from joy and anger, fear and anxiety – he is dear to Me.”

“He who is free from dependence, who is pure and prompt, unconcerned and untroubled, and who has renounced all undertakings – dear to Me is the man who is thus devoted to Me.”

 “He who never hates any being and is friendly and compassionate to all, who is free from the feelings if “I” and “mine” and even-minded in pain and pleasure, who is forbearing, ever content, and steady in contemplation, who is self-controlled and possessed of firm conviction, and who has consecrated his mind and understanding to Me – dear to Me is the one who is thus devoted to Me.”

As we celebrate the Teacher’s day in 2020, let’s understand the perspective of students on how they expect teachers to be with them and how they want to cope up with teachers. We usually teach people around us somewhat to get them better at something. So, now we are doing the vice versa by understanding the prospective.

  • Listen to the students-Lord Krishna very patiently listened to Arjun when he was demotivated. Listening will help you know more about your student and the teacher student relationship also strengthens. While listening don’t judge your student, neither be angry on his works. Just understand that he is on his way of learning and he will commit mistakes.
  • Build a trust relationship with students-Lord Krishna and Arjuna depicted the best student teacher relationship where Arjuna had complete trust on Lord Krishna. Build a relationship with students so that after getting lessons from you they have a strong belief that the success is for sure and there is no point of defeat. Because at the end their success and their happiness is something that is going to give you immense satisfaction.
  • Answer with validation and reasoning-A student can’t believe in anything you say. He needs a proper reasoning of Why or Why not? Reasoning should be given on your own experience or based on some logic. Find different creative ways of answering a problem. A student should not be taught to just assume things and answers should not just be imposed on him without proper validation and logic. In Bhagawad Gita, Lord Krishna put his points with full validation and reasoning and convinced Arjuna in every possible way.
  • Satiate the hunger of inquisitive minds-A teacher should feel very enthusiastic in answering the inquisitive minds and should not be irritated if the student asks more questions. Lord Krishna very patiently answered all questions that were arising in the mind of Arjuna.

When a parent sends their children to school, they are actually sending their dreams to you to come true and fulfilling somebody’s dream is a great job.