Reasons to keep negative people at bay

Do you want to be a successful person in life? Do you want to stay motivated and keep working hard to reach your goals? I am pretty sure you do. In fact, everybody does. Well, if you are really looking forward to fill your life with joy and happiness, and to achieve success, then the one thing which you should do right away is to cut ties with negative people. Below are some of the reasons that might help you realise who your real well- wishers are and why you should remove toxic people from your life.
1) Alters your outlook towards life-
If you surround yourself with people that constantly shakes your confidence and makes you feel miserable about the life goals you have set to achieve, making you believe that you won’t be able to achieve those, then your attitude towards life gets changed. It becomes negative and you start seeing the world through the perspective of your toxic friends, without even realizing it. Such humans does no good to you but what they would do is discourage you time and again and would attempt to drag you down with them to the darkish side.
2) Alters your belief sytem- The problem with negative people is that if you hang around with them often, and listen to them for long enough, they would begin impacting your thinking, and you would quickly recognize that as an alternative of wondering positively you are questioning negatively. Before you even come in terms to it, it would begin impacting the way you assume or see the world and as a result it would alter your belief system when it shouldn’t.
3)Hinders your growth- if you are continually around negative people, it would hinder your overall growth as a person in life. As, already said negative people would often give you negative feedback, and so over the time you would start believing them, which would ultimately affect your growth, as you will by no means try taking the risk to do what you really want to or would never have the courage to chase your dreams.
4) You deserve to stay happy- When in doubt we often seek help from our friends and take treasured advice, people having good intentions for you would always encourage you to dream big and to believe in your ability to achieve it. Negative people on the other hand would advice you exactly the opposite. They would make you believe that you can’t achieve your dreams or your dreams are too big to be achieved, ultimately crushing your self-confidence, and self-worth. You will forever be in self-doubt. So it’s better to break ties with such people and fill your life with joy and happiness, because you deserve to stay happy.
   Now, it’s completely up to you to decide upon the kind of people you really want to keep in your life. You can keep those who pull you down and make you feel miserable or you can simply choose to leave such people behind and keep only those who lifts your spirit during difficult times, the choice is yours.Choose your friends wisely because what matters in the end is quality friends over quantity!