Sex Education

Priya Yadav,
Sex education is a broad term used to describe human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, and education about human sexual behavior. Some forms of sex education are part of the curriculum in many schools. This remains a controversial issue in many countries, particularly at the age in which children should begin to receive education regarding human sexuality and behavior. So that teenagers can be prepared to accept the changes happening at this age. Knowledge of sex education is as important as knowledge of other subjects. In India, sex education is not even mentioned in college, which results in misconceptions related to sex education, superstitions about sex, and many problems related to it. As soon as the word ‘sex’ comes to our attention in India, in today’s time it is important for us to understand that giving education to children is not a wrong thing but it helps in their proper development and upbringing. Many parents still feel hesitant to tell their children about sex education and because of this, they are unable to talk to their children about it.
In the year 2007, the Government of India started the program of adolescent education. There was constant opposition to this. Some states had banned it. Despite this, the program was implemented in select government and private schools. However, now it is necessary to understand that hesitating with this subject will not do. If children are not given the right sex education, gender-based violence, gender inequality, early and unintended pregnancies, HIV, and other sexually transmitted infections will increase and become difficult to prevent. In such a situation, it is important that not only the teacher in the school but also the parents should keep away from the hesitation and talk to their child on this subject.
. Many parents feel that sex education is a one-time discussion in which they have to tell their children only about the act of sex and about puberty. But it is not so. The process of sex education becomes easy when we see it as a continuous action and discuss it in a few moments of daily life. For example, whenever you see an advertisement for sanitary napkins while watching TV, on that occasion you can talk to your child about puberty and menstruation.
. Teenagers need to be aware of sexual health in a timely manner. Through sex education, teenage children will understand the identity of good and bad relations, information about relationships and intimacy, and attitudes, beliefs, and importance. The World Health Organization has defined that sexual health is not only a disease or a debility, but sexual health is also concerned with physical, emotional, mental and social well-being.
. Youths experience changes in their physical development and behavior as they enter puberty. Therefore, education in this regard during adolescence (12-19 years) is very important.
. It is very important that adolescent boys and girls know the reasons for the changes in their body, they should be given sex education when they reach adolescence. Both boys and girls need to understand the menstrual cycle. So that girls can accept this as a normal role of nature and boys have sympathy and sensitivity towards girls going through this cycle rather than hating menstruation, tampons, and sanitary pads. To be sensitive to this issue it is necessary to know about it.
. By spreading awareness about sex, there will be awareness about other related issues including diseases like sexual diseases and HIV at the time of conception. According to the WHO, 34 percent of people in the age group of 12 to 19 in the world are infected with HIV.
. Sex education will make the youth responsible and thus they will decide to have sex with full knowledge of the possible outcome rather than eagerness and will be able to face such reactions without any negative effect.
. The youth should not be ashamed to buy contraceptive material which is a very important aspect.
. To end rape, coercive physical relationships, sex education is very important.
. Most importantly, victims of child sexual abuse have to understand that something is being done wrong with them. With which they will be able to inform their parents about unpleasant incidents. A study by the Department of Women and Child Development shows that about 53 percent of the children in the country have been victims of some kind of sexual abuse.
Parents should Explain from a young age that the way all the brushes, towels, etc. are completely private and different and should not be used by anyone else, in the same way, these parts of their body are also completely private, which you Should not be exposed to anyone else. Also, tell them that if anyone touches or rubs his limbs, he should tell you immediately. By doing this, we will be able to inform the children about the privacy of their private parts as well as protect them from child sexual abuse. Tell children about good and bad touch. Even if any close relatives, neighbors, teachers or doctors, etc. touch them with wrong intentions, keep them instructed to inform you immediately. Your training will protect your child from sexual abuse. Because many times it happens that even the wrong touch of close people, the children do not get it wrong and knowingly and unknowingly get trapped in their illusion and parents do not even feel the news of their sexual exploitation. And by the time the truth is revealed, many times it is too late.
If your teenage child has feelings of knowing about sex or experimenting on sex, then there is no harm in it. But it becomes our responsibility to teach them to postpone it to the right time. We can explain to our children in such a way that there is an appropriate time to eat and drink, sleep and wake up, just as a discipline is necessary for everything in life, similarly, there is an age to enter into sex life. When physically-mentally immature youth try to enjoy sex, they get nothing but remorse, guilt, and physical-mental discomfort. Sex is not only the medium of wishful fulfillment but is also a powerful medium for the expression of love and the birth of good children. Therefore, let them explain that sex should not be taken as an important aspect of life rather than merely as a means of fulfilling enjoyment or lust, so that sex life can be properly enjoyed.
Apart from other problems, to make married life happy, both men and women should have complete knowledge about sex. Accurate knowledge of sex is as important as knowledge of other subjects. In our country, sex education is not given even in medical colleges, as a result of which superstitions, misconceptions, and many problems related to sex arise. So every parent should teach their child about sex and give them sex education.

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