10th September- World Suicide Prevention Day!


How difficult it is for a family who loses a loved one to bear the loss ? How painful it is for a friend to lose another? How devastating it is for a parent to cry over a child loss? UNIMAGINABLE. You can never know how much it aches to lose a piece of life and that to when you know that it was a “suicide”. When you come to know that someone close to you was tired of his life and you could just not predict that. You would crave to go back to them and ask them WHY did they do so . WHY this step? BUT,it would be too LATE till then. You would have to live with a regret then, that had you questioned this before you could save A LIFE.

Every day and evry year we come across news of suicides happening. From a CEO to a farmer, we had heard it all. Because when the mind is upset,no status matters. The pain and the frustration one feels is identical. But,since the topic suggests “PREVENTION” how can we contribute in the same ? How can we stop ourselves from regrets? How can we stop somebody from commiting a suicide ? Or how can we make someone feel lively again?

There are a lot of things we can do. We just need to get serious and committed about it. We need to stop taking things and people as a joke. Especially,what they speak. Because nobody speaks anything without a reason.If you are talking to somebody and they talk to you seriously about them getting tired of their life or how they can not just handle what is happening to them. STOP THERE,AND LISTEN. Listen to what one is saying maybe you can help them cope maybe you can help them heal . DO NOT JOKE AND IGNORE THE SAME. Maybe you will never be able to forgive yourself later.

There has to be an awareness about the serious effects one can have on their mental health.Aware people around you.Aware people who do not know about the seriousness about the matter.

Never discourage or talk pessimistic to a person who is already talking sad things. Always encourage them and tell them everything will be fine. Tell them about positives of life. Distract them from taking wrong decisions.

Do every part you can. Spread smiles everywhere you can ūüôā

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