Horrible Job I Hate Might Just Change My Life

‘What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.’- Ralph Marston.

Before coming to university, I worked as social worker in the Presidency Correctional Home in Kolkata.  I hated that thing. Working with the criminals? Am I really made for that? These are questions that came into my mind.

Seriously I have to work with criminals. My life was at stake. I was terribly upset with this. It totally sucked.

First day when I went there, I saw prisoners in a terrible condition. They were like searching for a moment of peace and light. Spending a lot of my time, I gained with conclusion, criminals are not born but they are made due to certain shortage of their life. I was empathising with themselves. A feeling was gratitude was coming from within.

Let’s be honest. What do we really understand by criminals? We only know that they are bound by law due to their criminal activities. They are put behind the bars just because law has proved them to be guilt. A stigma gets attached to these people. I really got the opportunity to know them.

That day, I realized that God has a bigger plan for me and that very moment I thanked God, and said Oh My God that is why you have chosen me.

It taught me how to be compassionate towards the people, work with criminals, even in their difficult times. They become lonely, angry, disturbed and how I have to control them to bring peace in their mind, it had taught me. This work taught me that there will be haters, there will be naysayers, there will be disbelievers, and then there will be YOU, proving them wrong. Truly, God’s plans are bigger than your plans for yourself.

I never thought that the job or the work that I hated too much will one day become my main priority. It changed my life completely. The definition of life has changed in my dictionary. 

If you think that your life is hard and you are giving up on that because you think your life is unfair, THINK AGAIN.  We have this amazing fantasy about life, this is how things should work, this is my plan it should go as per my plans. If that does not happen, we give up. I never wanted to be a social worker in a correctional home or never thought of being there.

This life is test and a trail, tests and trails are never supposed to be easy. So when you are expecting ease from life, and life gives you lemons, then you make the lemonade and then do not blame life for that because you were expecting ease from a trail. There are many people  in the world who are dreaming to live a life that you are living right now. You have no idea.

Embrace each and every breathe that you are taking. Celebrate your life, live it. Do not die before your death. Live your life fully. Real happiness lies in gratitude. Live every moment of your life.

So do make a change. Do what you love. When people say that she had worked with inmates of correctional, I repeat to them, ‘These are my scars and I wear them with pride’.  You know what connects me with this correctional home, my imperfections. I am really glad that god has chosen me for serving in correctional home. The things you do today can change everything, even if you cannot see it yet.  You might not love the horrible job at first, but who knows that it might become your main concern and might change your life fully.

Hope you all enjoyed reading. Stay connected for more updates. Till then goodbye and have a nice day.

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