Things To Keep You Going When You Are Stressed At Work

‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.’- Charles Swindoll.

I remember working during the online classes now-days-days. Working from home has because a stress factor for me during these days. You have send four to five hours of your day in zoom meetings and submit a tons of assignment within a particular time.  Half of day is spent online due to classes. You get the picture, right?

But unfortunately, after the tiresome day, I do not get time to find time for myself or neither I can spend the weekends or weekdays.

It has become impossible for me to give my undivided attention online and I feel stressed all the time. No forms of refreshment are there during these days. Sitting in front of laptop and mobile phones have become a daily part of our life. Many problems are occurring due this, sleeplessness, eye-itching etc.

A nonstop busyness surrounded me and I was losing myself in this digital world. So I decided to take out some time for me because I need fresh air and oxygen to live. My emotions were almost gone and I am becoming stone-hearted person. Emotions are melting too.

Let us scroll down to look at the 4 factors that kept me going during this stressed period:

  1. Control your thoughts: We can control our thoughts. When we are surrounded by negativity, we must try to do positive things and bring positive thoughts in our mind. From ‘what I am doing’ to ‘what can I do’ must be the mind set during these times. It will help to gear our positive thoughts and absorb the negative thoughts.
  2. Meditation for the peace of mind: We must spend time in doing meditation for the peace of mind. It is very helpful because it helps to reduce the stress factor and it prepares the mind for the day. It helps us to cope up with the rest of the day and work.
  3.  Get charged up: Before stepping into any work get yourself charged up. You can listen to your favourite songs. This keeps your mind fresh. This can also be the song that you can play in your laptop or desk to keep you charge. Two of my songs that keeps me charged are ‘Give me some sunshine’ and ‘My heart will go on’.
  4. Accept what it is:  You have to accept the things that you cannot control. It will save your energy. It will help you to concentrate on the things that is in your own hand. You will end your day with happiness.

When you find yourself in a situation, where you are not able to work properly or just cannot accept the stress, it is better for you to leave the job and find another possible job where you can work on your own choice and your stress level will be at controlled. It is the time for change. Your response to these kinds of tough situations can also motivate others and help others.

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