In Other News

During such difficult times some positive news is all we need, so here are somethings that have been going right

-Boom in baby gorillas

Mountain gorillas which were marked as endangered in 2018 are found only in three countries – Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Thousands of people in Uganda used to trek through the jungle to see them. Now that no one is visiting these jungles due to lockdown there has been a rise in the number of baby gorillas. The conservationists at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park say that seven infants have been born which is two times more than 2019.

-Africa free of wild polio

WHO confirmed that Africa is now free of wild polio four years after the last case was recorded. The last case was seen in Nigeria. Africa’s polio immunisation project was started by Nelson Mandela in 1996. The director general of WHO called this as a “public health triumph”.

-Boom in Hen Harriers in England

According to Natural England, Hen harriers has had its best breeding season for nearly two decades but due to illegal and routinely persecution by gamekeepers they are included in the controversial conservation programme. Natural England said that due to nice weather, conservation efforts and less human interference the number have increased in the past few months

-Animal and birds Saved from extinction

Up to 48 birds and animals saved from extinction. Researchers say without the conservation efforts the extinction rate would have been 4.2 times greater.

-Blue whale spotting

A blue whale was spotted off the coast of Sydney, Australia. This is believed to be the third sighting in a century. According to New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) the whale may have measured 25 meters in length and weighed over 100 tonnes.

-Disney’s first Bisexual characters

Disney introduced its first every bisexual characters in the series “The owl house”. The series started on January 10th of this year and releases new episode each month. This is not Disney’s first LGBTQ+ character, Pixar had previously featured a gay character in one of its short film but this however is the first bisexual character.