E-Books:Why Is It A Thing Of Near Future

It has been emphasized time and again how reading books, fictional or factual is a rewarding hobby. With a diverse development of the personality, it also lets an individual explore physical and mental spaces that one might not be able to access in normal life. Let’s not even start with the ‘vocabulary development’ incentive. All and all, reading books are important. Agreed.

Also, it is not wrong to say that we are living through a technological revolution period. One of the most life changing products of this revolution is … take a guess? Of course, it’s the Internet. New job opportunities are created due to the presence of it. Food, fashion and fun is easier to conjure up than ever. And for the bibliophiles,  it is a blessing like no other! E-books are the new trend and rewarding one too…

Screen revolution

E-books are changing the reading scenes. And why not, for they have loads of pros in a multidimensional aspect. Some of the most obvious advantages are:

  • Easy to carry around: Tons and tons of books, sometimes a whole library, can be transported all around the globe in our personal devices. 
  • Accessible to a new extent: Different genres can be shuffled and checked out at a swipe. Also, not able to find a book in the stores? Shopping sites and the whole Internet will come to the rescue. Just one should know where to look for, simultaneously being safe. 
  • Saving the environment: The hardcover and paperback books, though have their own ‘feel’ and sentiments, are actually damaging the planet. And in more than one way. From cutting down virgin trees to chemical treatment done in complete production of the books, the damages done are far and many. That is totally avoided in the case of e-books
  • New innings for the new players: New author and worried where to try pitching your book? Then, e-book platforms are there to save the day. And the lucrative add-ons are a win-win. That includes more royalty, easy distribution, more varied audience to reach, lighting fast transportation and so on. 
  • Free stuff: Who doesn’t like that? Psst… It might not always be the best option, morally or legally though. But still, diving to the depths of the Internet might land anyone a copy of their must-read list at absolutely no cost! 
  • Cheaper than ever: Also, if the purchase is being made on any reading platform, there is a hundred and one percent chance that the book will be much cheaper than the hard bound copies. 
  • Nothing can stop you: Darkness doesn’t matter anymore. The screens have enough light to shine and lighten up the words on their own. 
  • No font is a small font: Do the words feel like ants and you have to read with scrunched eyebrows? That ain’t an issue with e-books, where zoom in and zoom out gives the optimum reading experience. 
  • Indestructible: Your favourite book will never be worn down, even if it is read a thousand times. And iterating it again, easy to transport with worrying about any worry of substantial damage. 

Too good to be?

All of this sounds so awesome, right? But every good thing comes at a price. So do e-books. 

  • Optic fatigue and chronic side effects: Prolonged exposure leads to screen light to the whole optic system getting tired. Also, long term exposure has other more severe effects, which is partially indicated by certain studies. 
  • Distribution in sleep cycle: Many people have their free time before going to bed. So, if reading books is their go to thing to do, then reading an e-book may not be the best thing they are doing before going to sleep. It is observed that screen light can tamper with one’s ability to fall asleep. Also, melatonin production might get affected due to this favourite pastime.
  • No sentimental attachment: Let’s be real with this. No e-book can imitate the feel of holding a brand new copy (a plus point if signed by the author) or can never compete with the smell of an old copy.

It is safe to say that the utility of e-books is up for debate for a long time to come. But whatever, as long as everyone gets to read, the world will be a happy space.

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