The power of Gratitude !

As kids we were taught there are three magical words— Thank you. Sorry and Please. As adults we could understand what it meant. I will today write about the second magic word “THANK YOU” . We have heard so many times that “gratitude is the best attitude”. And it actually is. When you have the power to acknowledge an effort that someone has put in you and you smile back to them and tell them a Thank you, it solves everything. You on your end may get a sense of satisfaction and the other person on his end smiled because of you. And making someone smile in today’s world is the most priceless thing you can do.

Being grateful makes us optimistic and happier. It improves our relationships with others.We have a lot of people around. The people who make us happy, the people with whom we chill out with, or share things with.They make our life easier. But at times we as humans tend to take things for granted. We forget to appreciate the things they do for us. But if we start acknowledging and for once if we go back to them and tell a Thank you,it would be more than enough. A mother who gives everything to her children with no expectations, deserves a thank you from her children for everything she does for them. A father who does everything for their children to give them a comfortable lifestyle deserves a thankyou. Your friends who are always there to support you and stand by your side deserves a thankyou. Anybody who does anything for you deserves a thankyou in return. Even when you go out to buy something the shopkeepers deserve a thankyou.And, believe me they actually know the value of being thanked . Because maybe out of all the customers you maybe the only one who has acknowledged their efforts and thanked them for the same and that makes them happy.

Not only people but also everything around us is important. Before the pandemic we were free birds. We could do anywhere,do whatever we want. Enjoy nature. We had already taken everything for granted, but this lock down has already taught us not to take things for granted.It has taught has the value of things we never thought they had.

The problem of ego is the biggest problem in a human. But why ? Why do we need to bring in ego for everything. Showing gratitude does not make you a small person. Instead, it makes you the biggest all and somebody with a pure heart. Being grateful to somebody is never out of trend and will never be. We can not imagine our lives without certain things and people in it . So it is better if we start valuing things and not wait for a Thanks giving day to tell people how much they matter. You do not need to follow a protocol to speak your heart. All you need to is call/text the person you are thanking. It’s hard not to feel happy when you make someone smile.

Be thankful to God to give us this life. There is always a blessing to thank God for ; the ones you are aware of and the ones you are not. Be grateful to God everyday.

Promise yourself to be grateful to things that matter. There are good times and bad times and every day may not be good,but there is something good in every day. Remember,to count your blessings and not your regrets.

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