The pressure of being extraordinary and it’s affect.

3 idiot was not only an iconic movie on a very good content but it has many dialogue that hit or felt by everyone. And one of the most famous dialogue goes “Life is a race, agar tezz nhi bhago ge to koi kuchal ke aage chala jayega”. Let’s talk about that.

I want to be a very a good writer, singer, actor, or anything else. We use to say this when we were a kid, yeah! we were a kid. Because now it’s not like ” I want to be very good” it is like, I want to be the only good. And that perfectly explain,we are now grown up. There’s nothing bad in it, but, we lost that touch of goodness inside us.

No matter how good you do your work, there is someone who does better then you. Like there’s an axe for every tree. You can’t be the only one among the crowd. There will be someone better then you. And it is not like you Don’t know that, still you are not able to accept that. That’s the main problem. And you are a part of this society. What you think is what this society get build.

Becoming an extraordinary among ordinary. This is the final goal of every single one. But, you know what, you personally never dreamed of this. It is what society gives you. It is what only society praise. This is what happens when you live in a society which sucks.

Being an excellent version in your field is not wrong, but, asking every one to be that is. We all know that every human has a same ear, eyes , brain, and other body parts. Still, there are some who are born or living there live without them. Same way it is not right to ask two brain to perform in the same manner because they can’t.

Just like asking elephant to swim because a fish can. We live in a society which runs behind those things which is already done and try to improvise it every time. Like a sheep in a crowd and still hate to call themself a sheep.

If only a person get appreciated for there work without comparing from others. Then this society will improve. When there is a comparison in self rather then doing it with others. Then only this society is going to improvise. Actually this society want to be perfect society. And there can’t be any perfection if you can’t accept the flaws. Because flaws are part of you. They exist in you.

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