Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

  So I just got off reading this book & I can surely say, I’ve missed out a lot in my childhood, I guess. There’s this girl called Penny Porter, who I can much relate with. Quite of a private kind, 16-year-old schoolgirl, from Brighton, UK. A girl with fair skin, freckles on cheeks & frizzy auburn curls, which according to her were quite disliking features in her appearance. Her hobbies include photography & secretly crushing over the school’s heartthrob “Ollie”. 

       She’s kind of not-the-very-girly girl, has certain appearance insecurities, but on the contrary, prefers outfits of comfy & chill kinds. I would lie if I say I don’t love her. But most of all the part I could relate is she wrote blogs. Like a blog about herself, like a diary entry kinda stuff. Especially the kinds when she’s stuck in situations or facing a tough time to deal with. Gradually she had gained enough followers online, who she believed would help her cope with the situation. 

     One who believed herself to be a total walking disaster to perfect moments, and her fate or she, were no behind to prove it right. Her life in the very initial half was full of guilts and embarrassment. But one thing, that stayed constant was her fire brigade to all the wildfires in her life was her BFF “Elliot”.

      Yet another lesson she learns in this journey is how to outgrow her childhood school best friend “Megan.” It’s sometimes okay to feel irritated & not the same way once you used to feel in the past. If smth or someone tends to hurt you, or cause you to disrupt your mental stability, or affects you in any way. It’s normal to leave that person. For, every one of us, is a subject to change in some or other phase of life & once or more. Each one of us is evolving in our best forms possible, to support ourselves for betterment. It may or may not bring out a positive effect on everyone out there. But, that’s ok sometimes. It doesn’t matter! 

        All of us make a circle of friends in this journey, of life. Some might dive thru you, even after all phases of changes you face & others might lose you in this ocean as you continuously hit a string of waves. Some might stay as per your expectations, others might leave out of the blue. I hope you just learn to stay contended with what & whom, you have beside you & cherish them moreover. Because life is too short my friend, don’t forget to appreciate all you are blessed with.

       Back to the point now! And of course, at last, “Noah.” Penny’s ‘inciting incident’ right from New York, USA! Who happens to be a YouTube sensation too. A hopeless romantic & genuine guy, who leaves no stones unturned. Taking every opportunity he can, to make her feel special. And for very certain reasons, she has to look the best. All those dark-messy hair, chiseled cheekbones, fair, dark-eyed & all flattering ROCK-GOD-tastic features. A guy with a gloomy past, who finally finds his escape in her. And on the contrary, who makes Penny realize the concept of ‘self – love’ & most importantly makes her accept the way she is.

     Moreover, who’s also in a relationship with “Leah Brown”, a chart-topper artist which she realizes later. This turns to call for a lot of turbulence in both their lives. But as we all know of romantic drama novels, will this will settle down too? Or will they break apart because of a couple of misunderstandings? 

        Another thing that grabbed my emotions was the part that, no matter what she always has her family’s back. Of course, the family is highly supportive unlike reality, like w most of us proly, but the thing is what really matters is how one reacts to a certain situation. And most definitely, I’m very impressed by the whole of her family. Not that I’m comparing, but I like the plot, whole of it.

       This was yet another teenage romance novels, but TBH it was my first from a foreign author. Or moreover, I might say an English vlogger. For long I’ve been sticking to Indian authors only. Not that am a bookworm or so. But it’s just that I read very occasionally & of very cliché romantic kinds. 

       This might not be a perfect book review, but I just highlighted my moments of interest here. To me, books are a source of improving my vocab. & at times escape from the real world. But this particular novel, that I’ve been reading past a week now. The story happens to be so engrossing & mesmerizing, it happened to hover on my mind throughout the day. I absolutely loved it, except for the cliché ending. But that’s ok! What’s a romance novel without cliché terminations, right? 

      I could relate myself to the protagonist up to most extents.Another thing that I love about Penny, was her optimistic thoughts even when she was buried deep under troubles. Would like to highlight a certain part here. On her very last blog she says, ” Do smth that adds happiness to the world, & if you think it doesn’t, just quit performing it.” So my fellow mates, the next time you do something, I will be glad to know if you did this too & so will I. ‘Cause you never know what battles people are fighting through every day, adding pain to them & sins in your bucket does no good to either. So let’s focus on making this world a better place by sharing happiness. 

    So this was my blog about ‘Girl Online‘. If you did like this review & felt amused as much as I did while framing this review out, don’t forget to check out this spectacular novel ‘Girl Online‘ by Zoe Sugg in that case. I can guarantee you will be amazed by the twists & the hint of humour if you are bored this lockdown. 

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