Social media or the internet plays a vital role in our daily lives. Now with these online classes and work from home has proved it’ But there are always advantages and disadvantages.

Social media is a necessity:

Social media is more than a “trend.” It is a means of living. It gets various jobs executed at a time. It constitutes a precise and professional association and establishes you at the front of the profession you want to grow in. it is not a mere extravagance that can be afforded only by affluent people, it has become an essential requirement of life. Because of social media, businesses increase faster and the advertisements of labels and concepts are made for free. Artists and stars have more than one platform to choose from in order to stay connected with their fan base.

Social media builds connection in spite of geographic remoteness:

The Internet epoch has built long-distance interaction dramatically quicker, simpler, and more affordable than ever before. This, it has been claimed, has reduced the consequence of geographic contiguity in social communications, modifying our world from a “global village” into a “borderless society”. The potential lies in the palms of the user, because the person can, within a single click, publish their thoughts and beliefs with anyone in the world at any time through social media. Don’t apprehend the network: the internet is transforming the method we interact for the better.

Social media is informative:

Social media benefits one to access the world of information in one click. One obtains access to plenty of data, be it science, technology, or as simple as booking tickets for a movie. E-commerce has allowed us to deliver everything anywhere easily. Hence, social media is the digital version of people. It benefits us to join, participate, and discover. 

Social media helps in the improvement of entrepreneurs and brands:

The convenience of using social media in marketing is raising brand awareness. Social media can helps a business to grow its brand recognition by improving intercommunications with a business brand. Brand awareness means the total percentage of target people who know the company exists and what the company offers of products or services. When the brand awareness is developed, the probability of purchasing is improved. Thus, attempts should be made to make the brand a part of the mindfulness of consumers.

Social media causes addiction:

Social media is as bad as alcohol and drugs for millennials. The word “addiction” brings to mind alcohol and drugs. Yet, over the past 20 years, a different type of obsession has developed: addiction to social media. It has the potential to provoke long-term destruction to our emotions, habits, and relationships. 

Social media decreases face to face conversation:

Social media has caused people to lose the skill to communicate efficiently. Social media has led us to have fewer interactions with the people that they connect with. The majority of people have access to social media at any time they want via their smartphones, so this only worsens as larger people begin to obtain smartphones. Since it has become more common, social media has made people have a trend to want to communicate with people online rather than in person because it has made the means easier.

Social media spreads a lot of trick messages and rumors:

Rumors and fabrications have been there since the start of time but on social media, it just gets more dangerous because it reaches across millions of people. Rumors begin as one small action and before we understand it has become another huge issue. Rumors have done a lot of harm and always continue to create anxiety and suffering amongst people. Beware, don’t be an associate to promoting rumors.