Dreams and Deeds Foundation

D&D it is a type of organisation which works for every single social cause of society.

As we know in this covid-19 whole world is suffering from financial problems . Migrants don’t have a job to run their life. As time passes, their troubles are increasing.

The government is also doing its best, but can we defeat this epidemic only by trying the government? No !

Many people need help. In the time of this epidemic, the Dreams and Deeds Foundation has emerged. And came forward to help those really need. the foundation take initiative to providing food sanitary pads and all the groceries to the migrants. As well as Foundation started feeding the animals this is one of the biggest and greatest step which is taken by dreams and deeds Foundation .

Providing groceries
Packets of the foundation for distribution
Initiate for feed animals
Plantation to protect the nature
Providing sanitary pads to women

So these are some main social cause on which Foundation is working like plantation to save the nature, feeding animals to protect them, providing sanitary pads to women for their safety in mensuration , providing groceries as well as concentrating on child education.

In this pandemic we really need a hand who can help us . A great work doing by the foundation and we all should appreciate it they celebrate every single day with lots of happiness and love. So let’s help them and do something new towards society.

For more query you can go on the Instagram page of the Dreams and deeds Foundation .


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