World Tourism Day 2020: Embrace the journey

When the virus put a break on life, a new world of sensations opened up. Trips were not stopped even during the period of house arrest. Disturbed and hurt in the constant war with the virus, the mind is in no hurry to reach anywhere. 

Sometimes on foot, sometimes on a bicycle, sometimes in the car, this phase of meeting with loved ones is as if the car of life has gone too far in the ‘back gear’. The road has become a favourite companion, so it is relaxing to get in the lap of nature. This stagnation is good for the life journey ahead in the ‘new normal’, where people who have become spiritual amidst the fatigue of pandemic, are meeting themselves among nature …

‘Silent, quiet and mysterious. A deep blue-green lake, a sky with matching colours and an endless horizon with huge mountains. In such an environment, why not leave the mind towards a world where there is the only relaxation. After getting into such an environment, things start to clear and only we as our companion. The coronavirus abruptly changes the mood, it often becomes spiritual.

There is life at the moment and you are not there at the moment. Therefore, the lap of nature gives relief to them, who am I after all? What is the purpose of this life? Such questions prepare the mind to struggle with reality again. People travelled regularly, at which the pandemic suddenly put brakes. But after unlock, travel has got a new meaning or expansion. People want to eradicate the bad experiences of a pandemic from it. After all, the mind is an ardent traveller.

It also travelled the country and the world during the time when it was to follow the strict rules of lockdown. Internet support was there. Enjoying virtual travel, mind got comfort. The coronavirus has not only adversely affected the travel industry but has also seen major changes. After the unlock, that is, now after the lockdown, after the opening of the closed life, the new trend ‘Revenge Travel’ should be started. Revenge means, after being closed for several months, people not only started going out of the house in response to it, but they are also enjoying it a lot.

Almost everyone breathed a sigh of relief after unlocking. But it is a big relief for those strollers, for whom travel is like medicine in the running life. 

‘New normal’ has made safety and hygiene i.e. cleanliness a major part of life and travel. People make travel plans of their choice and enjoy it. Road trips are getting a lot of priority. It can be said that road trip has joined travel in a new form during the pandemic, in which safety regulations are taken care of and now this travel will also become an important part.

Getting out of the car with acquaintances and getting out in a nearby area is becoming a major trend of travel today. It has more number of people who are working and is giving preference to booking in the surrounding areas, especially in the hilly areas, but there are also safety rules taken care of. Full help of technology is also being taken like MakeMyTrip has created an app for this which helps to ensure the journey only after mask and social distancing.

Right now people are preferring short distance travel. It is within a distance of about 300 kilometres. However, during the pandemic, it was seen that people also made long-distance trips during road trips. These were the people who left for the family home states. Now people are mostly choosing the places for peace of mind that can give them relief from the fatigue and stress caused by the pandemic. People are opting for the places like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan as well as Goa.

Every year ‘Tourism Day’ has a different theme. The tourism theme of this time is (Tourism and Rural Development). This is to provide employment to youth and people in rural areas. Tourism provides employment to many people. The cultural heritage of any country is also encouraged by tourism.