Not only India but almost the whole world is under lockdown due to Covid 19.Due to lockdown the social life of people has undergone many changes, physical connections are getting reduced. People are not going out even for important things Because of which people are more dependent on Internet and online. So if you have any business idea related to online like selling stuffs online or anything like that. Also the students are not going to schools and colleges and online classes are very boring. If you have a startup idea related to E learning it is the best time for it. You can make classes interesting by graphics and animations. There can be infinite number of ideas for E learning.

Apart from this is great opportunity for startup in health care industry. People are becoming more conscious about thier health specially for thier immunity. Though startup in this industry requires more investment and research but a good product will give huge return. Otherwise you can also do a startup related to sanitizing and disinfecting. You may start your own sanitizing and disinfection services anything llike that.

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