Gandhiji’s principles – As 2nd October is on its way!

“A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.”-Mahatma Gandhi. 

Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi popularly known as Bapu, a crusader and preacher  of truth was born on 2nd October,1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat . It is only because of this legendary freedom fighter that our India is free from British rule. He was adamant in his approach and could not bear the masses suffering and starving because of the injustice Britishers were causing them.He was loved by everyone. He believed that actions speak louder than words and his work ,however, spoke volume. He was loved unconditionally and universally which is the reason that he was titled as “Mahatma” . 2nd October is therefore celebrated as “Gandhi Jayanti” .

His entire life is a saga of valor and sacrifices. Gandhi’s principles have influenced a lot of people not only in the past but in the present as well and there is no doubt that Gandhian principles would be followed in the future as well. 

Gandhian principles have influenced my life as well. The first and foremost thing that Gandhi believed and wanted everybody to believe in was “Truth”.  I believe Honesty is the best policy. Whatever the situation is we must speak the truth as telling lies is indeterminate. If you want to succeed and plan to go a long way  in any field you choose It is very important to stay true to yourself as well as others. An honest person is never afraid of anybody and speaks his heart out. You make people have faith in you when you are true to them. Even in your relationships when you are honest it strengthens it. But even a small lie can break somebody’s trust in you. Therefore, everybody should adopt the principle of Honesty in life.

Another principle that influenced me was that of Non – violence. Non-violence is the personal practice of being harmless to self and others under every condition. Words are mightier than swords. Be it any situation one should never be violent. Speak as much as you want but never hurt anybody. Non-violence is a powerful and just weapon. It is indeed a weapon which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it.

The Gandhian principle of Satyagrah is one of the major principles to influence a person’s life.It talks about standing for yourself but without harming anyone. This principle has made an impact on  me as well. It acts as a motivating factor to not go for something that does not feel right. We must stand for something that is right even if that means standing alone.Satyagraha  is a weapon for justifying individual rights as against the oppressive, coercive attitude of the people.

In the end I would state that Gandhiji was a man of perseverance and obstinacy. He did what he did. Nobody could influence and change in his mind. He believed in what he was doing and also made others believe that what he is doing is for the benefit of all. We must also be like Gandhi and follow his ideologies and principles to become better human beings . Indeed the world would never see in centuries a leader like Mahatma Gandhi. 

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