Smoking: A Harmful Habit

Undoubtedly the worse & harmful habit, as it’s injurious to one’s health. This evil habit generally takes a toll during adolescence or while passing out school or prime stage of college life. Peer pressure may be one of the key reasons to get habituated. But this harmful indulgence in smoking makes one cigarette addict. And this becomes really difficult to get over this habit. Sometimes people start smoking in order to imitate his favourite heroes who smoke on the TV screen. On the cigarette packet, cigarette companies issue the warning — ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’. Yet the proneness to smoking is on the rise at an alarming state. 

 Sometimes smokers have so many please in favour of smoking. Some say without smoking they suffer constipation & prolonged tension & worries of modern life. But these are only lane excuses on their part of the part of drug addicts. 

 Constant or a habitual smoker runs the risk of suffering from some very acute & dangerous diseases & ailments. These are lung cancer, throat cancer, tuberculosis, asthma & high blood pressure. Heart diseases & respiratory troubles & ailments result in stroke or paralysis in the advanced stage or later life. Most smokers suffer from the bad throat, weak lungs & persistent cough & respiratory troubles throughout the year, particularly in the Rainy or Winter season. Moreover, direct smoking gives rise to passive smokers all around them. These passive smokers are compelled to suffer the evil habit of direct smokers, even against their will. 

 When you smoke your family suffers. As cigarettes are growing costlier gradually, it leads to heavy drainage of the hard-earned money of the smoker. Strict laws should be imposed on smoking in public, in offices, vehicles, streets, movie theatres, and in presence of children, family members & evening presence of those who dislike this evil habit. Smokers should be socially boycotted when all other possible ways to persuade go in vain them to abstain from this bad habit. The use of tobacco may be channelized into other sorts of financial pursuits like making insecticides & other things helpful to mankind rather than in making cigarettes & bidis. 

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