Village of Twins

Kodinhi, a village in the Malappuram district of Kerala is famously known for having the highest number of twins. The villages initially became famous when a local survey showed the unusual number of twins in this area. According to estimate there are 2,000 families and at least 400 pairs of twins as of January 2019, according to the villagers this phenomenon has been occurring since 1949.

 Ironically, India as has the lowest twin birth rates, 9 per 1000 births. For every 1000 births in Kodinhi 45 are twins. This has attracted the attention of a lot of geneticists and scientists from around the world who have tried for long time to explain why the rate of twins is high in Kodinhi. Genetics is an obvious factor but despite this but no matter what caste, creed or lineage one is born in or marries into all families living in the village have conceived more than the average pairs of twins over the last few generations. Dr. Krishnan Sribiju, a local doctor has been studying the village and its twins for the past few years, who believes that the number of twins officially recorded is far less than the actual number of twins born. Some say the cause for this is the water near the village but there is no scientific evidence to back this.

Kodinhi is not the only Twin Town in the world. Hung Loc Commune of Vietnam, Igbo-Ora of Nigeria and Candido Godo of Brazil are some of the other communities where a high number of twins are found. As for Kodinhi, till now there has been no clear scientific reason for this occurrence. Meanwhile, the people of Kodinhi take great delight in this, they found an association by the name Twins and Kins Association (TAKA) which aims at educating and helping those who bore Twins.

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