Punishment for rapists in other countries.

The execution of the culprits in the Nirbhaya case has not completed even a year, and now Manisha Valmiki. On the Hathras incident, once again the convicts in the whole country have started demanding the death penalty.  Do you know that in many countries the death penalty is so ruthless that the criminals will be shocked.  Let us know what is the provision of capital punishment in America, Pakistan, Russia etc.

In our country, there is a provision of capital punishment in the case of rape of rarest.  But in all other countries of the world, there is zero tolerance for rape.  For example, in Islamic countries, there is a provision of severe punishment for rape.  Like in Iraq, the rapist is punished.  He is also stoned to death in a very harsh way.  Seeing the punishment given to the culprit, people are so scared that they are afraid of committing such a crime.

US federal law does not use the word “rape” or rape.  The law there considers it a crime to commit sexual acts without consent.  These laws are grouped under chapter 109A of the US Code (18 U.S.C. 2241–224).  In federal law, the punishment for this offense can range from a fine to life imprisonment.

According to Article 131 of the Criminal Code of Russia, rape is defined as heterosexual vaginal intercourse using violence or threats of violence.  The maximum punishment for a crime like rape is up to 30 years.  It depends on the consistency of the crime.

In Pakistan, rape is seen as a heinous crime.  Here the rapist is punished from death to death.  According to the Zinah al-Jabr (rape) law in the Hudud Ordinance in Pakistan, gang rape is specifically given the death penalty.  Apart from this, there is also an option to punish the rapists with corporal punishment.

North Korea is a country which has the provision of punishing the guilty of rape.  Here, several bullets are shot in the head publicly to the rapist.  In the United Arab Emirates, the rapist is sentenced to death directly.  According to UAE law, the rapist is hanged within a week.

In the country, questions have often been raised about the long process of punishment in rape cases.  Even though there is a provision for the death penalty for the culprits of rape, but in India the cases of female violence and crime are not decreasing.  The incident of Hathras has once again angered the people of the country, all are demanding the death penalty of the culprits at the earliest.  Let us know that the girl, who was a victim of gangrape in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, died on Tuesday.

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