Guiding your way through the Arts

Art is an expansive and diverse field consisting of drama, music, theatre, industrial design, performing, culinary and visual arts. It is the mastery of a skill, a creative way of expression and communication of emotions. Performing arts (including fiction, drama and theatre) is primarily where the performers use their facial expressions, voices and bodies to communicate the message to the audience. While the visual arts (including music, poetry, film, photograph, printmaking) are created for aesthetic purposes. The inbuilt creativity established in the various means of art signifies that budding artists and performers can draw, sketch and design through distinct employment paths.

Following is the list of potential options available to people keen to have a career in art.

  1. Music: It covers a wide range of professional zones such as composition, production and engineering, music therapy, music composition and music education. This perhaps can be categorised into a performing art, a fine art, and an auditory art. Music has potential career avenues outside of becoming a musician. The avenues include composers, who work, arrange and develop the music. They might create a background soundtrack or write a composition for a performer.
  2. Graphic design: In today’s time graphic and visual designing is in a huge trend. As more and more content is going digital, the need of graphic designers have increased tremendously.
  3. Fashion: It is a hub of designing and also offers career opportunities in fields like sales and marketing, retail, journalism, public relations and merchandising, for those individuals who don’t have an interest in sewing or stitching. This often includes fashion merchandiser who mixes the sense of style with knowledge of marketing and sales, a visual stylist and a fashion designer.
  4. Drama/ theatre/ Actor- the most popular profession in this category is actor but the neighbouring options are no less such as screenwriters, set designers, theatre director etc.
  5. Web designer/ Web developer- A web designer focuses on the overall aesthetics of the website while the web developer aims to make the site functioning. An individual can work as in-house web designer or as a freelance web designer.

Budding artists possessing the right skill set and knowledge in performing arts have variety of options while choosing their career paths. Various promising jobs are available in this sector including being an actor, makeup artist, theatre director, musician, choreographer, set designer, community art worker, ballet/modern dancer etc. Specialisations always go a long way. Some can figure out their unique talent and want to specialise in it which helps them in getting jobs in the places where their skill grows like music graduates get jobs as performers and in composition while drama graduates would become actors, writers, directors, designers, stage managers, technicians, drama teachers, presenters, producers and stage managers. The major common employers of performing arts include: local government, arts organisations, educational institutions and voluntary organisations.

There are further tons of fields where the individuals can find their place or their zone such as applied arts offers architect and automotive designers as the career option while art and studies offer art historian, professor, auctioneer as the career options. Culinary art is also a popular art amongst individuals, it includes a food stylist, pastry chef and winemaker.

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