Everyone in the world is going through a very challenging and difficult phase in their life and this is happening due to the spread of corona virus which is emitted from Wuhan, China. This virus has captured almost whole world. This pandemic has transposed many things in human’s life and behaviour. People are adapting this environment by keeping themselves hygienic and maintaining social distancing so that they could stay protected from corona.

 Corona immensely affected Employment, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), tourism and aviation, automobile, education, real estate, agriculture, IT (information and technology), and many other sectors of the nation and the whole world.

Many people specially the daily wage workers or labours are facing problems in this pandemic as they can’t go for work due to the shutdown of business, factories and shops during lockdown. Many labours have to return their homes in their villages as they don’t have any other source of earnings. Many businesses like event management, catering services, fast food centres have faced the massive downfall under this pandemic as these businesses are based on large human gatherings which is not possible in this pandemic as there will be the lack of hygiene and social distancing which can invite the risk of getting affected by co-vid 19.

National economy has seen a great downfall due to the decreased rate of GDP (gross domestic product). According to the Ministry of Statistics India’s growth went down to 3.1% in the fourth quarter of fiscal year. Share markets and real estates have also seen the massive downfall under this pandemic.

Travelling and tourism sector have perceived huge downfall in the growth this year as people are avoiding to travel to their second homes because of covid-19. Transport facilities was banned by the government during lockdown which caused a great problem for the migrant workers and students as they were unable to return to their homes. But now people have started travelling with many precautions like masks, sanitizers or handwash maintain self-hygiene and also maintaining social distancing as the conditions are little better now.

Education which is one of the main sectors related to the nation’s growth is also facing many challenges under this pandemic. Educational institution like schools, colleges and universities have already adapted the changes according to the ongoing pandemic. These institutions are conducting Online or Virtual classes. That means faculties and students are connecting via internet for studies. Online classes are very useful and effective but for a limited time of period because non-serious students does not pay any attention in their classes and gives silly excuses for not attending online sessions and there are many other limitations of online classes which proves that face-to-face classes are still better than virtual classes as every student whether rich or poor can attend those classes but when it comes to online classes poor children can’t afford laptops and mobile due to lack of money. So, online classes are totally destroying the student’s career and life.

Due to fall in economy IT sector is facing problems because employees are asked to work from home and this led to the lack of opportunity.

There are many other sectors which are largely affected by this pandemic.

Our behaviour is largely affected by covid-19 as we are stuck at our homes. We can’t enjoy street food, can’t go for parties or shopping, or at any other chill-out points as we used to go earlier before this pandemic. Staying home is good for limited time period as we can get family time and some creative works to do but after sometime we start getting bored and irritated by everything and hence as result we gets angry on small things too that creates disputes between families. This behaviour can also be called as ‘homesickness’ which is very common in this pandemic.

So, let’s conclude with few lines that this pandemic is not only a problem in our lives but it has also emerged as an opportunity to enhance our skills which can lead to our personal development. If we will take this situation positively, we will notice that we have learnt so many things till now during this pandemic like spending quality time with our family, developing some new skills in ourselves and many more. So, take every challenge as opportunity because it can give the better outcome in the future.                                                     



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