Superstitious India!

India is the diverse country with variety of people, religion, cultures, faith, caste, creed, colour etc. Variety of religions in India are Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and many more. Everyone has their own faiths according to their cultures and religion. But many times, this faith on cultures and religion becomes ‘Superstitions’ or blind faith. Superstition can be called as a belief of the people that is not true and cannot be proved by science or any reasons. In India many people have different kinds of superstitions, or myths in their mind. Not only uneducated but many educated people also have fake believes or blind faiths in some or the other thing related to their lives. But comparatively illiterate or poverty ridden people are more superstitious than the literate ones. Anyone can misuse these innocent people easily by tempting them for money or anything these people want. These people can be used for any of the crimes like smuggling of drugs, kidnapping, child trafficking, murder etc. These people believe in black magic or witch craft (practice of black magic). Some people even prefer to go to witch-doctors for the treatment of their health, wealth, marital and many other issues of life. But in the name of treatment of treatment these innocent people get attacked by witch-doctors. Women are mostly attacked by these witch doctors.

There are many other superstitions followed by the people living in Indian society:

  • Some people consider black cat unlucky as they believe that if black cat crosses their path, they will have a bad luck.
  • Seeing squirrels at day time symbolizes that your day is lucky. 
  • If you have itching in your palms that means you will earn lots of money soon.
  • People are not allowed to enter their homes after a wake as people believe that bad souls or negative energy might tag along them. Mourners have to take bath before entering their homes.
  • Hanging lemon with chillies at the entrance or at the front door to protect the house from ‘buri nazar’ or evil eyes is another common superstition. But the scientific reason behind this is that lemon and chillies contain anti-bacterial properties which act as anti-pesticides and thus prevent insects and other bacteria entering our homes.
  • Upside down sleepers can create disputes in our family; this is another belief of people.
  • People doesn’t sweep their houses after sunset as they believe that it will bring bad luck to their houses. But the logic behind this misconception is that, in old age when there were no lights  people have to clean their houses before the sunset as after sunset they will not be able to do so without light.
  • Eating curd with sugar together before stepping out from homes for exams, finding jobs or for any other important work; is considered very lucky.
  • Going near Peepal tree at night is considered dangerous as people think that there is the ghost inside the tree. But the logic behind this is that at night plants and trees emits carbon dioxide and absorbs oxygen at night so its dangerous to go or sleep under the tree.
  • During menstruation girls or women are not allowed in kitchen and temples as they are considered profane at this time. they have to follow many rules and regulations during their menstrual days. Logic behind this belief is that earlier women don’t have any sanitary pads with them and because of this they were unable to go anywhere.
  • Sati Pratha was one of the biggest superstitions of old times.

There are many other superstitions followed by people. people. Now people have started misinterpreting the concerns of our ancestors and this is one of the reasons of India’s backwardness. Not only in India but almost the whole world is full of superstitions and the people who follow them.

So, these superstitions need to be vanished completely; not only from India but from the whole world.  People who only believe in logic, science and facts should take initiative and make superstitious people understand about the reality of the myths they follow in their lives and should also try to remove them from their mind.

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