Acid Attack

As a human being the god gives us beauty and body, we all have different faces with beauty, but this topic of the article is so connected with our hearts. People often read this news but never think about it, this act looks like normal criminal offence but it is one of the heinous crime as like rape, assault which usually girls face in their life. Acid attack is the crime which is described in the Indian Penal Code 1860. This attack is basically with a wrong intention just to torture, or disfigure one’s body even try to kill that person. The acids which are used in these attacks are sulfuric acid and many concentrated acids which are not easily available in the market. The question comes to our mind how these offences take place, what are the intentions behind it and many more. Usually, a few years ago people were not aware of these offences and there was no proper legalization on the sale of the acid, due to which such offences had taken place in earlier times. But as the legislature finds the acid attack as one of the heinous crime, it imposes certain restrictions over the sale of the acid, but before dealing with this we have to know what are the intentions behind the certain attack. These attacks took place when certain wrong intentions were not fulfilled by the individual, like refusal on having sexual intercourse, personal conflict, rivalry, conflict due to immovable property. All these are certain reasons due to which such attacks took place in society. these attacks are not the gender-biased but majorly it took place with the girls. Mostly we have the news of acid attack related to girls only in certain cases we find the acid attack news related to the male. Now the questions come to our mind is this offence take place only in India, or some other country also witnessed the same. The answer to this question is not as much easy as we think, different countries have statutes and offences accordingly but the globally acid attack is considered as one of the heinous crime. While dealing with this issue, the question also stuck in our mind that why it is heinous, the act is heinous because it disfigures or harms one’s body, this act gives grievous bodily injury due to which sometimes death can also take place, and if survive it turns the beauty into the scar for the individual as lifelong. We believe that the face is just the representation of one individual but the beauty is always the inner soul, but here some of the criminal never understand, this line they believe that their ego will satisfy when they harm the other person in such a brutal manner that it creates a danger to one’s life. This offence is not limited to an only single individual but this offence creates terror and fear in the society, people believe that keeping their child either daughter or son in the house is much safer than any other thing such acts bring an initiative to the wrong ideology, it affects the education of the country, which brings discrimination and much more evil activity in the society. Education can reduce such kind of thinking in society. All rape equally liable top have freedom all of us have the right to freedom and liberty and those who perform such acts should be punished rigorously. Offences like rape, acid attack all these offences are not against the individual it is against the society, due to which society as a whole gets deeply influenced by it. Many cases of the acid attack took place in India as Sonali Mukherjee v Union of India and Laxmi Agrawal v Union of India, both these cases are considered as the landmark judgements as these are helpful in bringing the amendment in section 326 and brings 326A with the amendment of the Indian Penal Code 1860. After these cases, the legislature imposes certain restrictions on the sale of the acid as it is not easily available to each and everyone, the person should have to provide specific id proof and reason for purchasing the specific acid. This act of the legislature and restrictions, to save the life of many or even we can say, it saves the life of millions of girls as well as boys. This step taken by the authorities save the life and also reduce the crime rate in the country and this provides safety in the society, as the girls are free to smile and also it brings a kind of relief those who are a victim of these attacks as this attack will not take place with anyone in the future.  

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