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Bombshell is an American movie directed by Jay Roach, written by Charles Randolph and cinematography effects by Barry Ackroyd.. Based on a true event, Bombshell shows the fight of a journalist, Gretchen Carison, fired by the chief executive of Fox agency, Roger Ailes who with other victims raise a voice against Roger for harassment. The film was released in 2019, after 2 years of the death of Roger Ailes. Megyn Kelly (Charles Randolph) also play a vital role and most of the movie revolves around her.

The movie starts with a conflict between Donald Trump, candidate for US elections for the presidency and a famous journalist with her own show ‘The Kelly Files’, Megyn Kelly. After the conflict and accusations made by Megyn on Live TV, she received a lot of criticism from Republicans. Then the story takes us to Gretchen Carison, who was harassed by Chief executive of Fox Agency gets fired by him and starts a fight with him by filing a lawsuit against him for sexual harassment. As the story unfolds. We come to know that Gretchen was not the only one who Roger harassed. She then inspires every woman to come forward and make him pay for what he did.

The movie is a strong portrayal of how rich and powerful people uses newcomers and struggling artists, who are still climbing the ladder to success. The people who love biographies and documentaries will be glued to their chairs throughout the movie. While there is less of entertainment factor in Bombshell, the movie provides us with the full knowledge of what happened at that time. The short quotes said by the characters in the movie such as “Nobody stops watching because of a conflict.

The lighting was great throughout the movie. The cinematography was applaudable there were 2 or 3 scenes when the camera directly zooms in towards the character while he/she was delivering dialogue which was quite distracting. In some scenes, the characters talk while looking directly into the camera which added some good effects in the movie. Music given by Theodore Shapiro in the movie was also appreciable too.

The movie also shows that while news channels and anchors play a vital role in forming the public’s opinions but it also leads to conflicts among them. New agencies along with delivering the news and current affairs to people, it influences them a lot. Bombshell contains some really powerful scenes, gaining our sympathy towards the victims of harassment. The movie can easily be compared to HBO’s film ‘The loudest voice’, based on the same scandal.

An insight into Fox News Corporation, Bombshell movie is worth a watch. It will take you back to 2016 and tells us the story through women’s point of view. The acting by all the characters was meritorious. The news of harassment was a shock to all public, thus justifying the title BOMBSHELL.

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