Passion over Education?

What is your passion? What would be your answer to this question? Most of us would prefer saying our passion as the course or education we are currently pursuing. Someone who is working would prefer saying their job as their passion. But is it truly your passion?

Passion is something that you enjoy doing, not the one you do for an earning. Of course you might also enjoy the activities you do while earning. But passion is not just about having a settled career. It is understood by the level of satisfaction you earn by doing that work. It may be even a small career to choose but you might be the most happiest while doing it. And that defines your passion.

You might have many hindrances to choose a career that you are passionate for. The main thing is the society. We might get many comments if try following our passion. When we are capable of getting good grades and you focus on something else, we will need to answer many questions around us. Yeah, now-a-days we are more focused on other’s lives than our own. So as the society tries to involve in your life and your passion. But remember, you are living for yourself, not for the sake of someone else. You are only answerable to yourself. You are accountable for your happiness. Satisfying the society is not we are living for.

Choosing passion over education is the biggest challenge. Education might provide you the satisfaction you want. But that is for a very few people. You can also enjoy studying. The ones who do not enjoy studying will definitely be interested in something else. You can choose a career that is way more creative to enjoy your life while doing it.

Education now-a-days is a primary requirement. But that should not be the only way to build up a career. Decide what you want by even completing your basic education.

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