Prime Minister Narendra Modi says India’s space sector can replicate the success of IT Industry

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the decision to open up India’s space sector has heralded a new age of public-private partnership. Mr Modi expressed confidence that Indian talent will achieve worldwide fame in space sector in the same way it did in the IT sector. Prime Minister was interacting with key industries, start-ups and academia from the space sector via video conferencing to encourage their participation in space activities yesterday. Mr Modi said, professionalism and transparency in policies as well as the decision-making process of the government will prove beneficial for the companies joining the field.

Prime Minister assured the participants of complete and wholehearted support of the government in their efforts. Mr Modi said, India is making remarkable strides in space sector which has witnessed path-breaking reforms this year. Prime minister spoke of the space sector’s significance in communication and navigation and expressed hope that the country will soon become the manufacturing hub of space assets. Taking note of the plans of companies to make rockets and satellites, Mr Modi said this marks a big change that will further strengthen India’s foray into the space sector. He said private investment in the sector will lead to the creation of hi-tech jobs, which will provide a host of opportunities to the talent pool in IITs and NITs and other technical institutions.

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