Vice President calls for fully tapping immense tourism potential of North-Eastern state

Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu today called for fully tapping the immense tourism potential of the North-Eastern states and stressed the need to improve air connectivity to the region. He said that eco-tourism and cultural tourism can become the mainstay of development in the North-East if the tourism potential was fully leveraged.

Noting the efforts of Central and State governments in providing connectivity and tourism infrastructure, Mr  Naidu said that improving air connectivity to the region can singularly bring a significant positive impact on tourist inflows. Pointing out that India has 26 million outbound tourists every year, Mr Naidu  said that one could assume that most of them would prefer to ‘travel local’ in the post-Covid-19 phase. He said, this presents a huge opportunity for North-Eastern states to promote their tourism sector for this domestic audience.

Virtually releasing the book ‘Oh Mizoram’, written by Governor of Mizoram,  P S Sreedharan Pillai, the Vice President, praised the region for its pristine natural beauty and said that Mizoram’s colorful festivals, folk music, and energetic dance make Mizo society truly unique. He added that often called as “Songbird of the East ”, the Mizos are blessed with a natural talent for music.

The Vice-President said, the whole North-East region presents a mosaic of diverse Indian culture with its more than 220 ethnic groups and an equal number of dialects. Urging the state and central governments to fully tap the tourism potential of the region, he suggested to them to consider the possibility of incentivizing travel to the North-East.

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