Life is complex. One day you’re happy, working on your daily tasks, and the next day you wake up, thinking: “What the fuck should I do with my life?”

Am I right? We’ve all been there. When one of my friends talking to me last week, I asked her: “How’s it going?”

She said: “Am doing well. Been interesting times figuring out which direction to go to next in my life journey.”

Last week I talked to a collegeau who was in the same position. And everyone will face the same challenge one way or the other over the course of a long career.

I’ve been there many times as well. No one is immune to being confused. Let’s face it — there are literally a million things you can do with your life.

And most of us realize that we can’t do everything we want.

Great health, wealth, and happiness don’t happen by themselves. If you want good things to happen, you must take massive action.

But what type of action? What should you do?

I want to share 2 strategies with you that I’ve personally used in the past to figure out my next big move.

1. Burn Your Bridges

Look, I can’t tell you to want to do with your life. No one should decide that other than you.

But I can tell you about ways that help you to make a decision. People are lazy by nature. If it was up to us, we would protect the status quo, sit at home, and eat cookies all day.

We must realize that without a reason, we will never change.

“But what if I don’t have a reason?”

Force a reason.

You can’t expect good things to happen when you’re living a cushy life. You need a spark. Sometimes that happens from the outside (a family loss, being fired, dumped, etc).

But if nothing happens, you have to create the spark by burning your bridges.

Instead of wanting to change, you must change.

You can also burn the bridges in your mind. To grow, we must say goodbye to old beliefs.

2. Do Nothing

I don’t mean ‘eat cookies all day.’ No, I mean don’t try to force anything. It’s the exact opposite strategy of burning your bridges.

So? Life is full of contradictions. Get used to it.

Look at your life. Have you tried burning your bridges? Didn’t work out? Try a different strategy.

I never get why people get all hung up on opposing strategies. Life is dynamic and requires you to adapt all the time.

And that’s the most important thing about figuring out your next move. It’s called ‘figuring it out’ for a reason. It’s not called ‘here’s your life path served on a platter.’

Just be okay with that. It’s about the journey anyway. You better enjoy every step along the way. Especially the difficult ones.

Everyone Can Get Started—Few Persist

The way I see it; there are only two options. You either learn or die. Within an instant, you can decide to invest in your education for the rest of your life.

Abraham Maslow put it best:

“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.”

I’ve got my mind made up. Which one do you choose?

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