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Creation Of More HC Benches In UP

It is most shocking, most disgusting and most disheartening to read that once again criminals are ruling the roost and making the headlines in UP. The latest incident pertains to kidnapping cum murder of a 28 year-old technician named Sanjeet Yadav who worked in a private lab. What is worse […]

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Liability For Offence Depends On Role One Plays

In a remarkable, righteous and recent judgment titled “Shailendra Swarup vs The Deputy Director, Enforcement Directorate” in Criminal Appeal No. 2463 of 2014 delivered just recently on July 27, 2020, the Supreme Court Bench comprising of Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice R Subhash Reddy minced just no words to explicitly, […]

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Begging Before Someone To Stand As Surety

In a well-balanced, well-reasoned, well-analysed and well-articulated judgment, the Himachal Pradesh High Court in Abhishek Kumar Singh vs. State of Himachal Pradesh in Cr.MP(M) No. 1017 of 2020 delivered on July 30, 2020 has made it absolutely clear that even accused has a right to live with dignity. It also […]

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