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The conflict of Kashmir…

On February 14th 2019, a suicide bomber attacked a convoy of Indian security forces. “We’re getting reports of multiple casualties in a roadside…” He killed at least 40 Indian soldiers […]

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U.S. Defense Economy…

The police, obviously, they’re not in the business of of profiting from private acquisitions. We’ve seen extensive lobbying from defense industries who produce educational videos for police who were spending […]

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Treadmills: a torture device?

Running on a treadmill can certainly feel like torture, but did you know it was originally used for that very purpose. Its true the now easy to access treadmill was once used to torture and get troublesome inmates into line………

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Chess – the game that spanned millennia

Over roughly one and a half millennia of its existence, chess has become a tool of military strategy, a metaphor for human affairs and a benchmark of genius. While our earliest records of chess are from the 7th century, legend has it that it was actually originated at sometime in the 6th century. So how did it start and evolve to the game enjoyed by so many today…….

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The mathematician who never existed

One of the most influential mathematicians of all time was Nicolas Bourbaki, who completely revolutionized the field of mathematics. However, when Nicolas Bourbaki applied to the American Mathematical Society in the 1950s, he was already one of the most influential mathematicians of his time. He’d published articles in international journals and his textbooks were required reading. Yet his application was firmly rejected for one simple reason: Nicolas Bourbaki did not exist.

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Covid-19 vaccine updates:Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin to start phase-1 human trials,Sinovac Biotech of China in phase-3 human trials.

New covid-19 vaccine Covaxin has improved hopes of Indians after the successful trials on monkey. It is now all set to start phase-1 human trials approved by ICMR. For the Human trials of India’s indigenous Covid19 vaccine COVAXIN, 12 hospitals are selected. They will enrol participants this month, samples of Bharat Biotech’s […]

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