Facial recognition technology and how its affecting us.

Many countries have used this extensively but none other than china, the leading brand for infringing people’s right. They use a project called “Skynet” to monitor nearly every person’s movement, which includes whom you meet, where you go and even track all your movement for the past week. What makes this technology even worse……..

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A messy circumstance: A deadly Drive-Thru

As the story has been seen, Rayshard Brooks, a black man from Atlanta, was shot dead near a drive thru at a local Wendy’s. The man was probably inebriated when he came by to the drive-thru and subsequently fell asleep. The other customers simply drove past him to place their orders as they weren’t really bothered by a man sleeping in his car. Soon a Wendy’s employee calls the police on Brooks. The police came, took him out of the car and talked to him. In the video, Rayshard can clearly be seen drunk, but still being respectful to the cops, and for a change the cops to were respectful of him and talking courteously. This went on for about 30 mins or so and it seemed it would have a normal ending and not result in the death of another black man. However, what happened next…..

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A tale of misuse of power

These days the age-old quote might makes right, rings true throughout the world. In every nation, the vile fruit of corruption has ripened. We have recently seen, protests about the massive misuse of power police have done in the US. However, it is not the case in just America, but […]

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