What is the right time to start, to decide?

Article by – Shishir Tripathi Intern at Hariyali FoundationIn collaboration withEducational News Many people at present (and in past too) have very big dreams for their life. Dream of getting their desired profession, getting their dream car, having their beloved as their life partner, following the time table they made […]

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I have never been more frightened than when I came back home and met everywhere messed up,my eyes suddenly caught an envelope on the table beside me, I picked it up with my hands shaking and heart beating fast as if trying to escape my rip cage. My eyes almost […]

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Everyone is no one to everyone. You is both singular and plural in English grammar but it’s different in life. It’s always singular and you are only you and no one cares. Caring is done only if you pay. Money makes people and breaks people. If you have money, you […]

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